Why DIY Wedding Catering Might not Be a Good Idea

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wedding stressSome brides-to-be are super creative, “handcrafty” and would like their wedding to be absolutely personalized with decorations, wedding invitations, favors, flowers and similar elements that will have even deeper meaning to them, to their future hubbies and to the wedding guests. Do I support this idea? Since it also helps saving a buck, I do. Nevertheless, there are some parts of your big day that should be left to the professionals. In my opinion, wedding foods and drinks fall into this category and I’ll try to explain my reasons for thinking like that. 

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Personalized Filigree Items – Perfect Gifts for Bridesmaids

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Crystal Filigree White compactWhen you get engaged, the second most important thing for you to consider after your own bridal shopping is the shopping for your bridesmaids. They are your beloved siblings, cousins and/or friends and you obviously want to please them with something wonderful. I have such a wonderful suggestion for your bridesmaids’ gifts – it’s the absolutely delightful gifts adorned with filigree work!

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5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding Meal

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wedding meals tips to chooseWhen it comes to preparing for your wedding day, several details must be planned to ensure that the event is everything you’ve dreamed. One of the highlights of the day is the food that is served during the reception. When you want to satisfy your guests leaving them talking about your event for years to come, there are a few important things to consider.

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Arizona Wedding Dream – Tips and Ideas

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getting married in arizonaIf you want to taste and feel the Wild West, just come to Arizona. But there’s even more to Arizona than sunshine, cactus plants and deserts; this state has green parks and snow-capped mountains too. Yes, there’s more to Arizona than the Grand Canyon, especially if you’ve got your heart set on getting married here. To make your big day even more beautiful and memorable, I’ve gathered some useful information on Arizona weddings!

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Travel-Inspired Wedding Ideas

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travel inspired weddingDo you and your future spouse like to travel or perhaps you have met each other while traveling? If a destination wedding isn’t in the cards, why wouldn’t you fill your big day with travel-inspired items? So, would you, please, fasten your seat belts because I’d like to take you to the ride; I’ll give you tips and ideas for a travel-themed wedding of your dreams!

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Tips to Enjoy Your Hawaiian Wedding in a True Sense

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Hawaii wedding tipsWith the year-round pleasant climate, lovely settings of world-class beaches and great mountains, and superb amenities, Hawaii is, no wonder, one of the most popular wedding destinations for numerous couples. While envisioning saying “I do” on the backdrop of sunset wearing dancing fragrant orchid leis is certainly extremely appealing, you have to make some practical decisions. For example, distance between Hawaii and your place. Yes, Hawaii is far away from many places even in the US. Still the good news is that planning a Hawaii wedding is much easier than you may think, thanks to the Hawaiian wedding pros and a fantastic laid-back, no-problem Hawaiian attitude.

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Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides for Exceptional Photos

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wedding photograph tips for bridesIf you want your wedding photos the best, you on your part and not just your photographer, should do some preparations. It depends largely upon you too whether the photos will be exceptional or not. Discussing with your photographer is the best way to let her/him understand what exactly you want. Here are tips with which you can ensure that your wedding photos will be the best.

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