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Prepare Your Hair for Your Big Day

Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in Managing Wedding |

Juliet Kakish Wedding is indeed a won beauty contest for the bride! She looks the most fabulous on her big day, she wears the best hairstyle, best makeup, best dress and accessories and everything best of all the ladies gathered in the hall and every eye is upon her (not really, some are on the groom too ;) )! So, if your big day is around the corner, you too are longing for your best looks, right? And amongst your looks, your makeup and hairstyle play a major role. But it is not a last minute job; you have to prepare your hair long before your actual wedding day. Here are the preparations you have to do for your best big day hairstyle.

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Get Your Wedding Memories Captured in the Best Way

Posted by on Feb 28, 2015 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

blessed wedding photographyIf you really have understood the importance of photographing your big day, only then you will try your best to find the best wedding photographer. Tell me, what will last forever of your wedding? Will that be the decoration? Will that be the wedding feast? Will that be your dress and makeup? Flowers? Music? The sweet words “I do”? The first kiss? The dance? No! Nothing of these! But two things can make them immortal – your wedding photos and your wedding video! Through these two things, you and your beloved ones can and will enjoy those magical moments again and again! Therefore you should choose someone excellent like San Diego wedding photography company – BlessedWeddingPhoto.com, to make your wedding everlasting in form of photos and video.

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DIY Brides, Get Your Problems Solved without Spending a Fortune on a Wedding Planner

Posted by on Feb 28, 2015 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

my virtual wedding plannerA newer, easier and cheaper way of wedding planning is making its entry in the wedding planning industry – a virtual wedding planner! Those brides who want to get their wedding planned professionally as if done by a dedicated wedding planner, but don’t have a very big budget to hire one, need not worry now, as they can get their wedding planned easily while at the same time enjoy the fun of getting things done just their way. So, now even if you are a DIY bride, wedding won’t be stressful for you.

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Finding the Best Wedding videographer for Your Best Day

Posted by on Feb 28, 2015 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

danceIf you are planning to hire a videographer for your big day, it’s a great decision because there is a unique fun in watching yourself in motion rather than posing with (sometimes) an unnatural smile before the camera. It’s not necessary that you should altogether drop the idea of hiring a photographer as well – it depends largely on your budget and personal choice. Wedding photos too have their own importance. But if you have got your wedding video at hand which you can see anytime and enjoy those dreamy moments again, the experience is quite matchless. Here are some tips for choosing your videographer.

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New Orleans Locations Perfect for Elopement Photography

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Beautiful Wedding Venues in the World |

marriage licenseGone are the days when elopement referred to exchanging vows in a secret location far beyond the reach of your friends’ and family’s scrutiny and dislike! Today eloping couples conduct elopement to evade the huge financial responsibility a regular wedding can bring in. Amongst all the elopement destinations, New Orleans is perhaps the most preferred one for eloping couples, not only because the city is so beautiful that it has been chosen as the 3rd most popular destination, but also because it offers optimum ease for elopement weddings. You can just elope to Nola on a weekend (and even on a weekday), secure a marriage license, get married and begin your honeymoon! New Orleans provides so many free to low-fee locations for your elopement weddings, that you will realize that a wedding cannot be a stressful event! We here suggest you some romantic, pleasant and quaint wedding locations in Nola that are ideal for getting your sweet secret shot by New Orleans elopement photographers!

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Handle the Wedding Planning to a Professional and Enjoy Your Pre-nuptial Days

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in Managing Wedding |

wedding plannerMany brides are much excited about their big day and want everything to be done under their own supervision, so, hiring a wedding planner is out of question for them. It’s not unnatural for a bride to think that nothing can be done perfectly without her interference, as far as her wedding is concerned. After all, she dreams about her most special day since many years, and when the day arrives, how can she think of handling it to someone else? However, as days pass, she may lose the interest as she understands how hectic the job is. Especially if she is working, she finds it very difficult to keep 3-4 appointments per day with different wedding vendors, work upon the guest list and meet her fiancé too to enjoy the pre-nuptial romance. And then she realizes the need to get help with wedding planning.

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A Wedding Calendar Very Useful to Couples in Planning their Big Day

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Managing Wedding |

Grecian style wedding dressIt is realized quickly by couples who are planning their wedding that there might be hardly a more challenging job. There are so many decisions to take for them from preparing a guest list to hiring a variety of wedding vendors to choosing a menu and music types. Therefore staying organized is extremely important for the couples. However it is not as easy as it seems. The planning may be spread over many months and even over a year or more, which makes it difficult to track the complete and incomplete tasks. Dasiyes weddings provides a very useful wedding calendar on their website WeddingInItaly.org which makes it easy for couples to plan their big day. Here are tips to make the most of the wedding calendar.

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How will You Find an Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring?

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Nikki ringFinding an engagement ring for your sweetheart is one of the most important tasks amongst all your wedding preparations. But finding an affordable diamond engagement ring is quite difficult. You want the ring to look beautiful, but it also should fit your budget, and achieving both these aims is seemingly impossible. However, it is not so. Here are some tips to get your hands on an affordable engagement ring of your dreams.

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5 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Outstanding

Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

outdoor weddingIf you have planned that you will have an outdoor wedding, it’s a great idea. A beach, a jungle or a farm is certainly a nice location to say “I do”. But if you are thinking that it will be easy for you than conducting your big day in a church and then celebrating reception elsewhere, you are not fully right! An outdoor wedding brings in another set of difficulties that you will have to handle. In addition to thinking on which wedding tent rental you will hire and how you will decorate the venue, there are hundred and one other matters to solve. Here are some tips for you to have an outstanding outdoor wedding.

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