Throw Away the Stress of Wedding Favors

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kissesYou want your wedding to be unforgettable for your guests and a nice way to make it remembered is party favors. If you have a wide choice for favors to give away on the occasion of your wedding as well as events related to it, such as bridal showers and engagement, and even for the parties you will throw at your forthcoming anniversaries, all these events will be remembered too by your guests. You can get such a wide choice of affordable Canadian party favors at This Canadian party favor company has an amazing range of favors which you can get personalized so as to make a lasting impression on your recipients. Let’s take a look at some of their wonderful party favors.

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Mind-boggling Wedding Photo Booth Prop Ideas

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themed propsPhoto booths are getting increasingly popular especially in weddings because it has no formal atmosphere in there. You and your guests can have as much fun as you wish with photo booth and it creates an incredible memoir of happy moments. One of the most important components of photo booths is props. You can play with these props to have optimum potential of fun! At you can easily get a photo booth of your choice where you can have fun props and backdrops. Let’s see some mind-boggling prop ideas.

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Celebrate a Lavish Wedding with Economical DIY Flowers

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DIY wedding flowersIf you want to decorate your big day lavishly and yet want to save money on it, there is no better way out than DIY wedding flowers. With DIY flowers, you can make your choice of flower arrangements without having to pay a lot for them – that way you can save some valuable bucks which you can splurge elsewhere. Let’s see various ways to save money on DIY wedding flowers.

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Leo Bride’s Wedding Style

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leo wedding styleMany people believe that Zodiac affects our characters and desires and I couldn’t agree more. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to take your Zodiac sign into consideration when planning your big day. If you’re Leo bride, here’s what we can say about your wedding style!

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Bringing Your Loved Ones Together with A Wedding Website

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Two WedWhen two people fall in love with each other, barriers like languages, religion or nationalities hardly matter for them. What is important is the loving hearts. But when it comes to wedding, there are some important factors to consider and one of the most important among them is union of two families, and not just two individuals. And if these two families belong to two different cultures, their union may be a little daunting for the man and the woman loving each other. In that case, a fun way to provide all the information about the wedding, in both languages to all the guests belonging to both the cultures through a single convenient entity is to create a wedding website.

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Extremely Stylish Wallet-style Wedding Invitations

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wallet-style wedding invitationsWhen it comes to your wedding, you want everything the best! Wedding invitation is no exception. You want the latest style for your special day invitations, and the latest style is wallet-style!

Wallet-style invitations are an extremely stylish and trendiest alternative to traditional wedding invitations. You will be amazed by the variety offered in the wallet-style invitations. These invitations are far more decorative than the traditional invitations, and with them, you get an opportunity to introduce your wedding color scheme or theme more emphatically.

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Choosing A Perfect Indian Wedding Venue

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indian wedding-venueAn Indian wedding is distinct because of lots of religious rituals to perform, heavy and bright decorations, music and dance, and scrumptious elaborate meals. Therefore while looking for a venue for an Indian wedding, there are several things to consider. You may get many venues which match just right to your liking. For example, wedding venues in Delhi, India, are quite varied, ranging from standard venues like resorts, hotels and farmhouses to innovative ones like boats, country houses and art galleries. But while choosing amongst such various options, you have to consider some factors.

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10 Innovative Wedding Photo Ideas

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HeartWedding is doubtlessly a dream occasion for the bride and the groom. But it is also a great occasion for the wedding guests because they meet the couple-to-be as well as other relatives and friends, chat with them, share things, eat, drink and dance together, and have lots of fun. One of the main events during a wedding is the photography session. Have a look at for fun wedding photos which are not only enjoyable for the wedding couple, but also for others who attended the weddings. Not only people, but you can also incorporate things related to your wedding in your wedding photos and thus create an outstanding wedding photo album. Here are some innovative wedding photo ideas.

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