Getting Your Wedding Sponsored

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sponsored weddingIt’s not news that weddings are expensive. In the US, the average cost of tying the knot is about $25,000 which is quite lot money, isn’t it? Of course, you can always be on budget and try to cut costs, but the question is whether you’ll get the wedding you’ve been dreaming of? Some couples save like crazy, others take on debt, while there are those who simply restrict the number of guests. But, there is a way to have the perfect event without spending a fortune: sponsored weddings. Although it may not be the most romantic way to go, having a sponsored event might be the right option to cut some wedding costs. But, how does the whole thing work? Read on to find out!

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Wedding Photography – Tips for Brides

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Art_of_a_wedding_2014In theory, you can make flawless wedding, but in practice – you can’t. Even if music doesn’t sound well and your wedding cake isn’t tasty, all that will soon be forgotten. Nevertheless, your wedding photo album will forever be with you to remind you about both beautiful and not so beautiful moments. Even if you hire the best wedding photographers, they cannot do miracles if you don’t set everything else right. Luckily, we’ve found something that will certainly help future brides: “Art of a Wedding” ebook: 142 tips for amazing wedding photos for brides. Written by experienced and award-winning  photographers from, Hedley Jones and Cherie Steinberg, this ebook is created to help you get the wedding album you’ve always dreamed of.

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Dedicate a Day to Your Sweetheart!

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dedicate a dayIf yours or your closest friend’s wedding is around the corner and you want to gift your sweetheart or friend something very, very exclusive, but not getting any idea of what it can be, shall I give you a fantastic idea? Dedicate a Day on their name! Surprised? The idea is indeed surprising and wonderful. You can now dedicate a day on your own or someone else’s name who is your most beloved. But how can you? Let me tell you.

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Tips on Choosing a Wedding Planner

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wedding plannerOnce you get engaged, you will start planning your big day. In no time you’ll realize how hard and difficult it is! Well, since you’re reading this, you have probably already understood the amount of time needed to organize a posh party. Some couples don’t have enough time or energy to plan their own ceremony, so they turn to professionals such as wedding planners and consultants. But, even if you’re budget conscious bride, you could still hire someone to help you with at least a portion of your important event. Here are some things you should know about wedding planners in order to choose the best professional for yourself.

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Get Cheap Yet Fabulous Wedding Dresses

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cheap wedding dressesEvery bride wants her bridal dress to look like that of a princess. But there are many other brides too who are more realistic and love sticking to a budget when it comes to the shopping of everything related to wedding, even though it is their wedding dress. But still, these brides too wish at the back of their mind that their bridal gown, though cheap, should look fabulous. No need to worry, because there are some excellent online bridal gown shops which sell cheap wedding dresses which are incredibly affordable but look invaluable! A leading one amongst them is Here we are giving some of their fabulous but reasonably priced bridal dresses. Enjoy (and buy one if you find it just of your liking)!

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Choose New Hampshire as Your Wedding Destination for its Outstanding Wedding Venues

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Ballroom-WeddingIf you are finding a dreamy wedding destination and checking remote places, there is just an apt destination within your reach if you are a US resident; it is New Hampshire! The Granite State is also flowery with a mind-blowing colorful carpet of wildflowers, sweet with plenty of “sugar shacks” making maple syrup, shiny with some of Northeast’s cleanest lakes, and has countless other features which will make you feel like patting yourself for choosing it as your wedding destination. But most importantly, it is full of just the right wedding atmosphere with an abundance of wedding venues. Wedding venues in NH are outstanding, so much that you will feel like holding wedding again and again! Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful wedding venues in NH.

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Saxophone in Wedding – An Exclusive and Versatile Wedding Music Choice

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saxophone in weddingWhen you think of music for your wedding, do you imagine the melodious music of saxophone? If yes, why not keep a fabulous saxophone performance for your wedding? An ocean of soft sax notes or the roughness of rock & roll times, probably supergroups like Pink Floyd or Supertramp or the rich smoothness of Kenny G – a sax is loved by everyone! But a live sax player for your wedding is something exclusive because most couples think of wedding music as a DJ or band for their reception. Take a look at an exquisite saxophonist in Zurich which will amaze you.

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Find out a Wedding DJ Just as You Want with these Tips

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Music_ExpressThough you can design and play your own reception soundtracks, the best thing for pre-recorded music is a truly professional wedding DJ. Finding a wedding DJ, however, is not as easy as you may think, especially if you desire an outstanding one. Otherwise any one can mix some songs and call themselves DJ. The role of a wedding DJ is to create just the right atmosphere for an event like wedding and so, they should have some more qualities. While looking for a DJ for your big day look for one like Monterey Wedding DJ – Music Express – by paying a keen attention to the following points.

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Get Silky Smooth Straight Hair with Hair Straighteners for Your Big Day

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MKIIIBlacksmallWomen who have straight hair envy those with curly hair, but they don’t understand how troublesome it is to manage curls. If you are the owner of such unmanageable curls and your big day is around the corner, you will definitely want to straighten them in order to look fabulous on your wedding and you can do it today with ease. Take a look at the hair straighteners and accessories like hair iron holder, heat protection serum, professional hairdressing scissors and many more by which are so easy to use and affordable. Let’s take a look at some easy methods of straightening curls.

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Posing Etiquettes for the Most Fabulous Photos on Your Most Fabulous Day

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wedding photosYour big day should be amazing and all the amazement should be remembered again and again through your wedding photos. If you have planned informal wedding photography and has instructed so to your photographer you must know and practice a little about how to pose for the camera on your big day. Don’t invite embarrassment and ridicule for the rest of your life when you watch your wedding album. Here I recommend you to check out the wedding photos taken by the professional photographer Bratislava, Nina Bednarikova. They are amazing and bizarre, but the bride looks beautiful in each of them. Here are some outstanding wedding photo posing etiquettes.

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