Getting Your Wedding Sponsored

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sponsored weddingIt’s not news that weddings are expensive. In the US, the average cost of tying the knot is about $25,000 which is quite lot money, isn’t it? Of course, you can always be on budget and try to cut costs, but the question is whether you’ll get the wedding you’ve been dreaming of? Some couples save like crazy, others take on debt, while there are those who simply restrict the number of guests. But, there is a way to have the perfect event without spending a fortune: sponsored weddings. Although it may not be the most romantic way to go, having a sponsored event might be the right option to cut some wedding costs. But, how does the whole thing work? Read on to find out!

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Wedding Photography – Tips for Brides

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Art_of_a_wedding_2014In theory, you can make flawless wedding, but in practice – you can’t. Even if music doesn’t sound well and your wedding cake isn’t tasty, all that will soon be forgotten. Nevertheless, your wedding photo album will forever be with you to remind you about both beautiful and not so beautiful moments. Even if you hire the best wedding photographers, they cannot do miracles if you don’t set everything else right. Luckily, we’ve found something that will certainly help future brides: “Art of a Wedding” ebook: 142 tips for amazing wedding photos for brides. Written by experienced and award-winning  photographers from, Hedley Jones and Cherie Steinberg, this ebook is created to help you get the wedding album you’ve always dreamed of.

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What Should You Look for in A Modern Wedding DJ?

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professional wedding DJIf you are planning to hire a wedding DJ for your big day, there are some things you should consider along with the regular ones like music styles, your budget, etc. Times have changed and so is technology since the period when wedding DJs used vinyl and turntables. Today the atmosphere has almost become unidentifiable. Today, you have to look for some new and additional qualities in a wedding DJ. Check out DJ matrimonio, a perfectly modern wedding DJ who loves to apply new ideas and experiments to keep himself always fresh and make the wedding atmosphere fresh too.

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Platinum Wedding Ring – Ultimate Way to Express Your Love

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platinum ring 1Only a lucky few, it is said, find their dream lovers in this world. And when you find that one person, then the world seems to be perfect or you will go to any lengths to make everything perfect for your soul mate. After that you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with that person. To make it memorable and lasting, a lot of couples go to crazy extents to propose their loved ones. But whatever the method of doing so, the wisest and perfect wedding ring, would be a platinum one. Check out for some fabulous styles and designs in wedding rings by Orla James Platinum Wedding Rings, some of them are given in this article too.

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Choosing Locations for Pre-Wedding Photos

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moore and mooreEngagement period can be such a fun part of our lives! Although planning a big day can be quite daunting, still it’s exciting and joyful experience. Brides-to-be spend their time looking for the perfect wedding gown and the most romantic venue, music, theme… Finding the right wedding photographer is also an important part of managing wedding. To make sure they chose the best photographer(s) for their wedding photo album, more and more couples decide to have pre-wedding or engagement photos. This is the right way to find out whether it’s easy for you to communicate with your photographer and you can get a few tips on how to pose, too. We have talked to professional photographers from Moore & Moore Wedding Photography to get some useful tips on finding unique locations for pre-wedding photos. Here’s what we have learned!

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Choose Shape of Diamond for Engagement Ring According to Your Sweetheart’s Personality

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shape of diamondsYou have found your dream girl and you are going to get engaged to her soon; you want the most splendid, most beautiful ring for your sweetheart! But do you know that deciding about the shape of the diamond in your engagement ring is of utmost important and should be chosen according to her nature? Remember here that “cut” of the diamond is not the same as its shape. While a diamond should be cut to give it a shape, the shape (round, square, emerald, etc) is basically its altogether geometry, whereas cut is its facets – things which offer brilliance and spark to the diamond. Visit the Genesis Diamonds blog to get a mind-blowing range of diamonds in all shapes and cuts. Let’s learn about the connection between the shape of the diamond and the personality of your better half to be.

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Indian Weddings in UK

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indian wedding cardsMany people from India live in UK and they like to add a little bit of Indian traditions to their wedding ceremony. I hope you don’t expect to find all the nuances of this country’s marriage traditions in a single article, since it would be quite a daunting (or impossible) task. With more than 1500 spoken languages, over 9 religions and 28 different states, in every realm of life, you can see that India defines diversity. Even Indian wedding cards can be quite different if the couple is Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, for example. For that reason, we will focus only on Hindu weddings in this article.

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5 Simple Yet Amazing Wedding Party Food Ideas

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b_rne_menuA wedding is the most memorable day in the lives of the bride and the groom. It is equally exciting for all those friends and family members involved in it. All the preparations for the wedding start months in advance.

Organizing a wedding and a party can be a daunting exercise. Many people hire professionals to arrange their wedding and all celebrations for the big day.

While the wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, the wedding party that comes after becomes the main attraction for all as everyone gets to relax, unwind, eat, dance and enjoy! And the food becomes the most important part of the celebration. For some readily available food services, check out Danish based company Festkongen. They offer special party food services. Some of their scrumptious-looking creations are given here.

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