Wedding Table Linens and Chairs Ideas

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iDO idea

iDO idea

Your wedding reception room cannot be complete without the right table settings. Since table settings make up a notable part of the wedding decorations, you should pay attention to the right details and combination. If you want your wedding reception to be elegant, casual, luxurious, modern or dramatic, you cannot achieve that without carefully chosen tablecloths, chair covers and accessories. We’ll present you wonderful ideas for wedding table settings and chair decor, plus iDO – Décor Options app that will allow you to see several views of the decoration with the focus on the chair covers and table linens.

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Unique, Stylish and Appealing Wedding Gift Ideas

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valentine sweatshirtIf you are an aspiring bride or a wedding of some of your near and dear ones is around the corner, you might be pestered by a question, more than anything else! And it is – what to gift? BarbDesignSolutions have brought a range of wedding day memories and designer unique keepsake gifts in the wedding section of their Etsy shop. These contain unique home décor, fragrances, fashion and Feng Shui handcrafted products, all purely made in the USA. I cannot resist myself from giving some of them here.

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Light up Your Big Day with Battery-operated Candles in a Real Cool Way

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battery-operated candles for wedding decorationCongratulations for getting engaged!  What preparations are you doing for your big day? If you are scratching your head about the decoration and are especially concerned with the budget, I have a fantastic pocket-friendly option for you – it’s battery operated candles! These beautiful candles look exactly like real candles and emit a soft, glowing light, just apt to create a romantic ambience for your big day!

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Wedding Gifts Adorned with Loving Words for Your Near and Dear Ones

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for all near and dear ones






Are you wondering what to gift to your sweetheart on the occasion of your big day? Or you thought a lot, but couldn’t think of a gift that will express your feelings perfectly towards your parents? How about a personalized message on a beautiful, delicate handkerchief? Yes! Monogramming Owl has brought a range of extremely pleasant handkerchiefs which are just the perfect gifts for those who you love the most and who are the most significant in your life. Take a look!

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Keep Your Wedding Photos Always Before Your Eyes with Photo Magnets

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PicToMagnet Photo magnet giftsYour wedding is the most special day of your life. You feel like watching your wedding photos every now and then. They are so awesome, so delightful; and they evoke sweet memories every time you watch them. But what pesters you every time is the unmanageably heavy album; or have you saved them on the internet? It’s even more tiring to switch the computer on and then logging in to access the files. It’s a bit easy job to access them through your smartphone. But what if you have them constantly before your eyes? Won’t it be better? Yes, you can have them with an amazing website named where you can get your photos turned into Instagram magnets, facebook magnets and photo magnets, whereby you can keep them always before your eyes and watch those magical moments anytime!

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Wedding Planning Courses – A Great Way towards Success in Your Dream Career

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wedding planning coursesDid you discover your inner flair of planning weddings when you planned your own wedding yourself well? It happens sometimes that we have a hidden talent which we realize only with an incidence, after spending years in doing something else. Has it happened to you too? It’s never late to take the right decision in choosing your career! You can still change your career as a wedding planner; you just have to take professional training in the form of wedding planning courses, receive a certificate or diploma and start your own wedding planning business. Here’s how you can get success in wedding planning with professional training.

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Aroose Toronto – Canada’s First and Only Luxury Persian Bridal Show

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Aroose Toronto - bridal fashion showIs your wedding around the corner and you are looking forward to celebrate it with great pomp and want great resources for it? You are lucky because you can attend an extremely lavish and rich bridal fashion show – Aroose Toronto – Canada’s only luxury Persian bridal show! Aroose Toronto is the first Persian bridal show in Canada celebrating its 2nd year.

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Find a Wedding DJ who will Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

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professional wedding DJBooking a wedding DJ is perhaps the most sensible idea about wedding entertainment. This is because a DJ is not just about music. A good DJ can make your guests enjoy your wedding to the fullest, to the extent of making them remember your big day forever as a great fun. The Professional Wedding DJ, DJ matrimonio, shares tips for our readers, what services excellent DJs like themselves should provide and provide to make your wedding memorable. DJ Matrimonio is the number one wedding DJ in Italy and if you are planning to celebrate your wedding in Italy, they are your best bet.

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