Get rid of wrinkles and eye bags in under 60 seconds just in time for your wedding!

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instantly agelessWant to look fabulous for your engagement or wedding photos? A miracle cream that instantly lifts your eye bags and wrinkles under a minute has helped improve your appearance to look five to ten years younger. Instantly ageless by Jeunessee has developed an astonishing product that works quickly to diminish wrinkles and fine lines in just 60 seconds. Millions of people are discovering this fly by night sensation and have documented their success from photos and videos that can be found throughout YouTube. Your wedding photos will last forever and there should be no compromise on your big day to look your best!

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Enjoy Your Pre-wedding Days Even More with a Wonderful Texting Tool

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texting baseHave you sent the necessary texts to your guests regarding your wedding, like invitations, save the dates and RSVP? I know the importance of these messages and they are, of course, necessary. However, the way I am going to tell you to invite your guests is unique, interesting and far more personalized than the traditional ways! It’s Texting Base!

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Shaving Tips for Grooms to Look Good on Wedding Day

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best shaving kit by guyslikeit.comIf you search for tips for looking great on wedding day for a bride, you will find pages after pages in the search engines with results full of bride’s grooming tips; but no one is much concerned about the looks of grooms! So, we felt bad for the species called grooms and decided to write something to improve their looks. After all, a well-groomed bride will want her better half to match her looks 😀 Here in this article, we’ll discuss about how to shave properly so as to create a killer effect.

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Wedding Filmmaking – Sweet Memories Cherished in the Best Way Possible

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wedding filmmakingCongratulations, you decided your wedding date! But you have now become busy in deciding various other details, right? What have you decided about shooting your big day? Is it just the usual videography? I would like to suggest you to get your wedding shot in a cinematic style! Didn’t you know that it’s possible? Well, then let me take the honor to give you the good news that there are artists specialized in wedding filmmaking, called wedding filmmakers or wedding cinematographers. Even I know a fantastic one named Oak City Films. I am eager to tell you about them and overall cinematic wedding videography.

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4 Winter Wedding Color Palette Ideas

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navy and sunWinter weddings are dreamy and incredibly romantic! Since we know there are so many irresistible palettes around every corner, it can be quite difficult to narrow the choice down. To make it a little bit easier for you, I’ll present you my top four winter wedding color schemes! Hopefully, one of them will be just perfect for your beautiful big day in cool weather. Make sure the wedding palette you choose reflects your style, but keep in mind it will set the mood of your lovely event, too. Make the most out of this idyllic and cool season!

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Be the Best-Dressed Wedding Guest without Going Bankrupt

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Tips on Ordering Wedding Invitations

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wedding invitationsIf you’ve already booked your wedding venue, hired a few important vendors, then it’s high time you started thinking about wedding invitations. They will set the tone for your big day while setting the expectations as well. Don’t let them send the wrong message! Here are some things you should keep in mind when picking the wedding invitations.

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