14 Mistakes a Bride-to-be Should Avoid

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Mistakes a Bride-to-be Should Avoid

If you have spent only one evening in planning your upcoming wedding, you must know what a huge amount of organization it needs. With scores of decisions to make, setting a perfect budget, laying out carefully planned timelines and ultimately making the event successful can be extremely challenging for a first-timer bride-to-be. There is a really high scope for mistakes. Surely you want to avoid them. Go through this list and take the due precautions.

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4 Practical Tips to Get the Most Out of Your DJ

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DJs on Koh Samui

If you are planning to hire a DJ for your wedding, it’s a great choice. However, hiring the right DJ is very important as a wrong decision can ruin everything. A great solution to this confusion is to discuss all your expectations with your DJ in advance. Here are a few things you should inform your DJ about to make your wedding day the most successful.

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The only guide you’ll need for your eco-friendly vegan wedding

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solitaire engagement ring

Hey there, it looks like either you or your partner has popped the big question, right? And if you’re not engaged, maybe you’re helping someone who is. Or maybe you fall into neither of these categories and you just happen to be someone like me who spends way too much free time looking at wedding items and décor just for kicks and giggles. Regardless of which category you fall into I have created the ultimate checklist for an eco-friendly vegan wedding, so polish up that beautiful, conflict-free solitaire engagement ring and settle in because we have some things to talk about.

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4 Outstanding Benefits of Wedding Video Invitations

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wedding video invitation maker

Although your wedding is going to bring loads of happiness to you, it’s normal for you to be under stress till it takes place just as you want. One of the most tiring wedding tasks is sending out the wedding invites because it’s so time consuming. Fortunately, technology is now for your help to make this taxing task easy with wedding video invitations.

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