Wedding Post of the Day

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weddingpostofthedayA perfect wedding is a lifetime affair. It’s one to be remembered, cherished; to say everyone is seeking a dream wedding would be an understatement. There are so many different types of wedding ceremonies: traditional, beach ceremonies, indian ceremonies, and other cultural ones, the options are endless. Each and every part of a wedding ceremony is a memory for the couple tying the knot, be it China, India, United States or any other nation of the world.

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7 Signs of a Professional Wedding DJ

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wedding dj tipsIf you are planning to invite a wedding DJ for your big day and getting advices from friends and family, you might have been pretty daunted with a variety of advices. But let me tell you there are some definite signs of DJs which tell you that the DJ is good. E.g. if you listen to the Phuket wedding DJ, Ben Jenkins, serving the beautiful Phuket area in Thailand, you will come to know that he is a great wedding DJ. What are these signs?

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Wedding DJ vs. Live Wedding Band

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wedding live vs wedding djThere are many choices involved in planning a wedding, and usually, the invitations, venue and decor get the most consideration. But, there’s one factor that can’t be forgotten before the couple says, “I do”: the music. While some may opt out of hiring music for their wedding, a band or DJ can add that extra touch of fun and excitement to make the day even more memorable. Which one to choose, though? There are a few points to keep in mind when choosing between a live wedding band (The Souljers) or a traditional DJ for a wedding.

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5 Hottest Wedding Photography Trends of 2014

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apprentice_wedding233.JPGIf your wedding is around the corner and you are wondering about your wedding photos, you should first remember that some of the hottest wedding photography trends have arisen newly or made their entry again, and if you want to be trendy while tying the knot regarding your wedding photos, you should adopt one of them. Visit Blue Martini photography to watch the examples of awesome wedding photos, which have caught literally every mood and feel of various wedding trends.

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Make Your Big Day Unforgettable with Fantastic Music

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ben jenkinsThere is no doubt that music is important not only for wedding but also for any event, to create the right atmosphere. Music fills the guests’ minds with an excitement about the event, make them soak the sensation, and overall makes the event much more impressive than ever. If you are based in or planning a destination wedding in Thailand, you have an extremely wonderful choice of wedding music and it is Phuket wedding DJ, a musical extravaganza by Ben Jenkins.

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Aquamarine Engagement Ring – A Unique Delightful Possession

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aquamarine engagement ringEngagement is an important ceremony for a bride as much as the wedding itself and the engagement ring is a precious piece of possession for her, as it denotes the many delightful years that are ahead. If you are a bride, who wishes to give a special touch to this very special piece of jewelry, you may want to do something different with it, and in that case an aquamarine engagement ring can be a perfect choice. Aquamarine is a unique gemstone which has a pleasant bluish tinge that catches everyone’s attention. An aquamarine ring can give your personality that distinct touch that you desire as the bride-to-be. So, if you plan for the shopping of an aquamarine engagement ring, here are some points to consider.

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