Don’t Worry Anymore about Marriage Registration in Thailand

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marriage certificates in ThailandIf you have planned a destination wedding and are in search of an amazing destination, I would suggest Thailand. Thailand is a lovely country with all the amenities, hotels suitable to all budgets equipped with all the luxuries, breathtaking beaches and jungles, lip-smacking food and extremely hospitable people. After celebrating your big day you can continue with your honeymoon in this fabulous country. But if a worrying thought is pestering your mind about how to undergo the legal formalities of a marriage in Thailand, I have found a very good organization with the help of which you can enjoy a smooth legal marriage in Thailand. You can visit their website to check their amazing service.

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Look the Most Fabulous on Your Big Day with Diamonds at a Fraction of the Price

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Diamond Veneer ringYour big day! The most desirable day of your life! Like any other girl in this world, you want to look your best on this special day. Since you became a lassie, you dreamed about walking on the aisle in pure white bridal gown with a graceful long train spread behind you and stunning diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet, while your dream man staring at you with appreciation and love, at the other end! But alas, when the day actually arrived, you bumped into the ruthless reality of limited budget! While a stunning gown is possible anyhow, diamond jewelry seems quite an unachievable affair? Who told you? Even diamond jewelry is possible! How? Just take a look at the simulated diamonds by Diamond Veneer, and you will understand what I am trying to say!

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Choosing Entertainment for a Small, Intimate Wedding

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wedding entertainment small weddingNo one wants their guests to be bored to tears on their big day and that’s why everyone knows how important it is to choose the right wedding entertainment. If you’ve opted for a small, intimate wedding and yet you would like your guests to have fun, I would like to share some ideas with you.

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Tips on Working with Wedding Caterers

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When planning a big day, one of the most daunting tasks might be hiring a caterer. It’s important to choose all your vendors right, but keep in mind that your guests will remember your wedding menu, for better or worse. I spoke with experts from Bon Soir Caterers, who cater weddings (among other events) in New York City and have 5 stars on Yelp. Here’s what I found out about the most important tips and commonest mistakes couples make when hiring caterers for their big day. 

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How To Plan Catskill Weddings

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wedding in catskillCouples who want to throw a destination wedding have many details to work out, but foremost among the calendars and menus is the need to make it convenient for family and guests to attend. Money isn’t always the overriding factor. While many people might like the idea of attending a wedding in some exotic locale, for most people it’s just not practical. Even if the wedding party pays for everything, destination weddings require a commitment of time for traveling. That’s why Catskill weddings are exploding in popularity.

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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Party Bus

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party busIf you’re planning a wedding, I’m quite sure you are faced with making thousands of decisions. Choosing a wedding transportation is one of those small, but important tasks you need to do. For those couples who would like to think beyond the wedding limo, there’s one option I would like to suggest: a wedding party bus. No matter if you want to rent it for the rehearsal, the ceremony or other events in between, there are many reasons why you should opt for a party bus for your big day. 

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Choosing a Wedding Venue – 5 Tips

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wedding venue choosingIf you’ve just got engaged, you are surely interested in booking the perfect wedding venue for your big day. No matter if you’re considering wedding venues on the Gold Coast, Australia, or in Dubrovnik, Croatia, I would like to help you with some tips on choosing the perfect place for your wedding reception. Choosing a wedding venue is very important, because it sets the tone and it’s quite expensive, therefore you should try not to make the most common mistakes.

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