7 Important Tips to Make Sure You Look the Star of Your Big Day

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best wedding photographer in singaporeA wedding is a big day for the bride and she is the star of the big day. When she is engaged, she spends months in deciding the various aspects of the big day including wedding date, guest list, invites, dress, accessories, venue, menu, photographer, decoration, entertainment, and so on; but she often forgets the most important aspect – herself!

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SvenStudios Wedding Photography – Wedding Photos You’ll be Proud of for Years to Come

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SvenStudios drone wedding photography group photoWe can’t stop emphasising how wedding photos are important in any wedding because they keep the sweet memories fresh for years to come, without getting wilted like wedding flowers, without getting eaten up by guests like wedding cake and meal, and without getting confined in a box never to see the light of the day again like your wedding dress. And therefore they should be captured by a professional who is a great expert in his field!

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3 Excellent Tips for Choosing the Best Diamond for Your Wedding Ring

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wedding ringThe biggest day of your life is around the corner and your fiancé has invited you for the shopping of the best diamond for a stunning diamond ring for the event. But the problem is that you don’t know much about diamonds; you love all diamonds – they all look beautiful, shiny, classy, expensive etc. etc.! But how will you decide which one is the right for you? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out. Just follow these steps and you’ll be overjoyed to get the best diamond for your precious wedding ring!

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5 Practical Tips for Unforgettable Bridal Portraits

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Unforgettable Bridal PortraitsBridal portraits are some of the most important wedding photographs. However, if you are camera-shy, posing for portraits may be more terrifying for you than candid moments or action shots. Too many questions may crowd in your mind including how much you should smile, where you should place your hands, whether you should tilt your head or not, and so on.

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5 Essential Things You Should Rent to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Unforgettable

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wedding rentalsConducting the wedding in your backyard or a garden is an economical yet superb option to celebrate your big day. However, you’ve to consider the sitting arrangement for you guests and other décor very carefully. Here the wedding rentals step in. Finding a correct vendor for this is very important and still more important is what you choose. Here are some useful tips.

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4 Great Tips to Incorporate Love Notes on Wedding Gifts to Spread Love

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Wedding is nothing less than a festival, not just for the wedding couple, but for others too who come together, dance, eat, chat and share many things maybe after a prolonged period. A wedding is an opportunity to enjoy. But it’s also an opportunity to let the amazing twosome know how precious they are for you. Whether you find a gift for them individually or select one from their registry, you can make sure they love them by adding excellent messages to them. But if you don’t feel confident while writing an awesome message on the wedding-gift card, here are some useful options for you.

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