3 Perfect Gifts for your Bridesmaids

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tie the knot braceletWhen the big day’s approaching, it seems like everything is upon your – the bride’s – tiny shoulders, to take care of everything. Even if you try to focus on your every effort, you may need a helping hand for a thing or two. And who can you rely on? Who was there for you through thick and thin? They were your bridesmaids. They will plan a stunning bachelorette party, be compassionate enough to hear your unbound wedding talk and make you relaxed when you think you will fall apart because of the amount of stress you’re going through. Your bridesmaids are your heroes, and you know it. So, which perfect, unique present to give to them to express your gratitude? Worry not, because we’ve prepared a short list of ideas, 3 perfect bridesmaid gifts every bridesmaid will fall for.

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4 Great Wedding Photography Tips for a Bride that will Help Create Photos She’ll be Proud of

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Orange Lemur Wedding PhotographyA bride should be very keen in choosing all her vendors, but she should be particularly keen while choosing her wedding photographer. Memories of the big day are going to last for years in the form of wedding photos, so, your photographer should capture them excellently. With that said, another factor to consider is that, when photos are not-so-good, the fault is not alone of the photographer! The bride may be at fault too. We always share tips for brides to prepare for the best wedding photos. Here are a few more tips to help you out.

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7 Important Tips to Make Sure You Look the Star of Your Big Day

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best wedding photographer in singaporeA wedding is a big day for the bride and she is the star of the big day. When she is engaged, she spends months in deciding the various aspects of the big day including wedding date, guest list, invites, dress, accessories, venue, menu, photographer, decoration, entertainment, and so on; but she often forgets the most important aspect – herself!

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SvenStudios Wedding Photography – Wedding Photos You’ll be Proud of for Years to Come

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SvenStudios drone wedding photography group photoWe can’t stop emphasising how wedding photos are important in any wedding because they keep the sweet memories fresh for years to come, without getting wilted like wedding flowers, without getting eaten up by guests like wedding cake and meal, and without getting confined in a box never to see the light of the day again like your wedding dress. And therefore they should be captured by a professional who is a great expert in his field!

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3 Excellent Tips for Choosing the Best Diamond for Your Wedding Ring

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wedding ringThe biggest day of your life is around the corner and your fiancé has invited you for the shopping of the best diamond for a stunning diamond ring for the event. But the problem is that you don’t know much about diamonds; you love all diamonds – they all look beautiful, shiny, classy, expensive etc. etc.! But how will you decide which one is the right for you? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out. Just follow these steps and you’ll be overjoyed to get the best diamond for your precious wedding ring!

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