Sand Art Wedding Video – Show to the World That You and Your Partner Are a Unique Couple

Posted by on Aug 31, 2018 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

unique wedding videoDo you want to do something unique on your big day? If you do, having a sand art wedding video is a great idea. This wedding video will tell your love story in a unique way, i.e. through a sand painting. Watching a sand artist painting your big day is amazing and your guests will be flabbergasted by the video!

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5 Useful Tips for Brides to Look Beautiful in Their Wedding Portraits

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Wedding PortraitYour wedding portraits are some of the most important images among your wedding photos because the focus is entirely on you. Obviously, you should look your best in your wedding portraits. Many brides are worried about their portrait session. Here are a few useful tips to release their tension because with these tips they can look as they desire.

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4 Fun Ideas to Keep Your Little Guests Entertained on Your Big Day

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Wedding Bounce HouseYou are excited because your big day is around the corner and you are finishing all the tasks one-by-one. However, while making arrangements for all your guests, such as entertainment, food and wedding favors, you may easily forget a very important group of your guests – your little guests, kids! Kids are not interested in adults’ events and can be extremely bored in your wedding no matter how important it is for you. If you make arrangements for the entertainment for kids, your little guests will be amused all the time and your wedding will look unique. Here are a few ideas.

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3 Perfect Gifts for your Bridesmaids

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tie the knot braceletWhen the big day’s approaching, it seems like everything is upon your – the bride’s – tiny shoulders, to take care of everything. Even if you try to focus on your every effort, you may need a helping hand for a thing or two. And who can you rely on? Who was there for you through thick and thin? They were your bridesmaids. They will plan a stunning bachelorette party, be compassionate enough to hear your unbound wedding talk and make you relaxed when you think you will fall apart because of the amount of stress you’re going through. Your bridesmaids are your heroes, and you know it. So, which perfect, unique present to give to them to express your gratitude? Worry not, because we’ve prepared a short list of ideas, 3 perfect bridesmaid gifts every bridesmaid will fall for.

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