3 Things That Make Toronto a Legitimate Wedding Destination

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matrimonioA cursory search on the Internet reveals that most wedding destination discussions centre on tropical environments such as Jamaica and the Seychelles. It is just assumed that people planning a destination wedding want to go somewhere there is plenty of white sand and warm sunshine. While we understand personal preferences, it is unfortunate that Toronto is not mentioned as a wedding destination in a lot of circles. Toronto is a world-class city with plenty to offer the newly married couple and their party.

To begin with, Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the fourth most populous city in North America. It rivals New York and London in virtually every area, from commerce to culture. Not considering Toronto as a wedding destination is to lose out on seeing and experiencing a truly dynamic Canadian environment.

If you are looking for a wedding destination for the love of your life and your wedding party, here are three things that make Toronto a legitimate option to consider:

1. Ceremony Locations

We cannot deny that a tropical beach at sunset makes an excellent place for a romantic wedding ceremony. However, sun and sand are not the only romantic elements to work with. Toronto has a long list of beautiful and inviting locations that would be just as perfect. For example, consider the Harbourfront area Toronto is known for. During the summer months, there is no more exciting place to be in the entire city.

Away from the Harbourfront area, you will find other great locations including Casa Loma castle, the CN Tower, and more parks than you can shake a stick at. Best of all, Canadians take a lot of pride in what their cities and towns look like. You will find nearly every location in Toronto as clean and presentable as can be. To that extent, Toronto certainly has New York beat.

2. Cultural Opportunities

Toronto is an important cultural centre as well as the hub of Canada’s economy. For starters, the city is home to dozens of Broadway quality theatres, two world-class orchestras, half a dozen opera companies, and more than 50 ballet companies. The performing arts centres that house them are just as spectacular as the companies themselves.

Exploring old Toronto as a couple encompasses much of downtown and a few neighbourhoods to the East and West. You will see some of the oldest districts and architecture in the city, including the historic buildings of the financial district. You could spend an entire day in old Toronto and still not experience everything.

3. World-Class Accommodations

No wedding destination would be complete without a full range of accommodations for your entire party. The sheer size and reach of Toronto means that there is no shortage of accommodations at every level. If you are interested in a five-star hotel with all of the amenities and creature comforts, you can find plenty of choices in the heart of the city, close to all of the action.

More affordable accommodations are available as well. Three-, four- and five-star hotels are scattered throughout the city proper and the suburbs. And don’t forget a romantic bed and breakfast where the couple will spend a few days in quiet solitude. The greater Toronto area has some wonderful B&B choices and locales.

We believe Toronto should be on the list of top wedding destination cities worldwide. Engage Diamond Studio is proud to call the city home and proud to offer our clients the finest selection of engagement and wedding rings befitting of a world-class city. We invite you to visit our studio at your convenience.


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