5 Excellent Tips for Choosing a Perfect Malaysian Wedding Venue

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Sheraton Imperial Kuala LumpurWhether you are Malaysian and have got engaged, or have chosen Malaysia as your wedding destination, in both the cases, your decision is fantastic, because Malaysia is a beautiful and romantic country, just appropriate to get united with your partner. However, finding a Malaysia wedding venue may be as daunting for you as it is in any other country. But if you keep your mind open and consider certain important factors, you may end up in choosing a perfect wedding venue. Here are some tips.

1. Don’t Get Carried Away with the Aesthetics

The commonest mistake most brides make is that they fall in love with the venue that is beautiful to look at and also, due to a gentle pressure and sweet words of marketing techniques from the management which makes them book the venue and later repent for the decision. Aesthetics is an important part, no doubt. After all, you would like to impress your guests and also feel nice on your personal level. But more than aesthetics perhaps the functionality of the place is more important. Here you should do one important thing (and for that matter, for any other element of your wedding shopping) and that is to take someone with you, rather than going alone. Different perspectives are always better and others can see what you cannot see and vice versa.

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2. Amenities

As mentioned above, your venue should be functional. You should check what amenities they are providing rather than getting impressed merely by the superficial beauty. Are toilets clean and working? Can your elderly guests and children have a smooth experience? Do they provide their own vendours or you have to bring your own? In the former case, you will need to check the vendors if their services are really good.

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3. Decide on Your Wedding Theme before Hunting for a Venue

Deciding on your wedding theme beforehand keeps you from getting carried away with the looks of a venue. Sit with your would-be partner and discuss with him about what type of theme you both would like, such as rustic, modern, beach, winter, summer etc. Once you decide the theme consider only those venues where you can have that theme. If the venue is suitable to your theme, you won’t have to spend a fortune for converting it to look as you want it.

Whether you are looking for a single venue for the ceremony as well as reception or two separate ones is also an important factor to consider. If latter is the case, prefer the venues that are close to each other. You should remember that having two venues will add to your budget.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in a garden or beach, consider season and weather.

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4. Size of the Venue

Will you have a big fat wedding or a small, intimate one? This is very important to consider while choosing your wedding venue and choose the correct size of your venue. Inquire with the management about the capacity of the venue. Remember to visit the venues you have shortlisted personally.

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5. What’s Your Budget?

Discuss with your partner about how much you should spend for the venue. If a particular venue has won your heart but is out of your budget, there is a solution to the problem – skimp on other minor factors. Another solution is to choose an off-season date for your event. In an off season, the rates of venues drop considerably. Still another solution is to choose another unusual place where you can create the same ambience but won’t have to pay your hands and legs. Bring your own caterer and you will have the same enjoyment.

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