7 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas Valley to Capture Amazing Wedding Photos

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You want to look the best on your big day and you definitely will! But don’t you think that you’d look even better than your best if the setting is amazing? Yes, I mean if the locations you choose for your wedding photo shoot are stunning, you’ll be proud to see and show your wedding photos for years to come. Every wedding destination has some such hidden spots that offer great backdrops for the photo shoots of engagement, wedding and elopement.

However, Las Vegas is one of the wedding destinations that have the largest number of such locations. Moreover, Las Vegas wedding photographers are some of the best wedding photographers and that means your wedding photos are bound to be the best. Especially if you’re fortunate enough to live in Las Vegas Valley or to choose Las Vegas Valley as your wedding destination, and wondering where to conduct your wedding photo shoot, don’t worry! We talked to the leading Las Vegas wedding photographer, Lorenzo Sandoval, who introduced us to a range of some hidden gems of the Valley which only locals know and as these spots are not normally visited for capturing wedding photos, you’ll get the much desired seclusion and quiet to capture the most romantic moments of your life in camera.

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Jean Dry Lake Bed

If you’ve set your heart on a vast expanse of a dry lake seen in movies like The Hangover, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Casino, and if some or the other time, you’ve dreamed of spending some magical moments there with your spouse, visit Jean Dry Lake Bed. Jean Lake or Jean Dry Lake is an endorheic dry lake i.e. water falling on this lake doesn’t flow towards other water bodies such as rivers and oceans, but gets evaporated or leaked.

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This vast expanse of land creates a dramatic effect by amplifying shadows which will make your wedding photos outstanding. No wonder, it has been a major attraction for filmmakers who keep using this area in their films.

The Jean Dry Lake Bed is located only 3 miles east of Jean and I-15.

Las Vegas desert
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Upper Pahranagat Lake

Spend a relaxing day at the Upper Pahranagat Lake along with capturing awesome wedding photos. Hiking, camping, fishing, walking tours or hunting, you name it and you can do it here.

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Capture photos while enjoying boating in non-motorized boats or boats fitted with electric motors all through the year on Middle Marsh Unit and Lower Lake and from 1st February to 30th September on Upper Lake.

Or choose one of the fifteen free amazing campsites located along the Lake, and capture photos on the lap of nature.

If you and/or your sweetheart are fond of fishing, you can choose to capture wedding photos while fishing at Upper Lake and Middle Marsh throughout the year and at North Marsh from 1st October to 1st February. The waters are home to an amazing variety of fish species like catfish, green sunfish, largemouth bass and carp.

If you’re nature-lovers, choose one of the free guided walking tours and see the amazing wildlife of the area. Capture photos with beautiful rare birds including songbirds and waterfowl, animals like mule deer or nocturnal creatures.

And for hiking enthusiast newlyweds, the 3-mile Upper Lake Trail encircling the lake provides excellent photo opportunities with waterfowl. The area also has the Davenport Trail that runs between the Upper Lake Trail and the visitor center and has a number of scenic settings perfect for your romantic wedding photos. If you don’t want to get exhausted, take the Cabin Trail or Pahranagat Loop Trail that are shorter, flat and easily accessible. These two start from the visitor center. What’s more, the refuge is full of access roads where you can hike.

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M Casino Pool

Capture your wedding photos while enjoying a luxurious day at the M Casino Pool where you can escape the heat at the two infinity-edge pools spread over 100,000 square feet in the 4-star atmosphere. Enjoy premium amenities such as Deluxe Cabanas, VIP Cabanas, Day Beds and Party Patios.

M Casino Pool

The infinity edge pools are 5,460-square-foot set in lush setting along with two large whirlpool hot tubs. Just 3 and a half feet at their deepest and a nine-inch wading depth pool on each end, M Pool can be easily enjoyed by an individual with any height or skill level.

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95 Road After Summerlin Parkway Ends

On the face of it, the 95 Road located at the end of the Summerlin Parkway, may seem just a major highway running north to Las Vegas; but a portion of this interstate highway traverses the big open desert and offers some stunning views you’d like your Las Vegas wedding photographers to make your wedding photo backdrops. This highway also offers an access to some wild and outstanding outdoor recreations you might have hardly experienced and would love to enjoy with your spouse.

Since this largely rural highway has very sparse emergency services, make sure you bring essentials like maps, flashlight, compass, sunglasses, sunscreen, food, water, first aid kit etc.

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Floyd Lamb Park

Shortly after the 95 Road passes Highway I-215, the beltway around town, at around 13.9 miles out, the Highway 95 passes the exit to North Durango which runs north to Floyd Lamb Park, which is another amazing site for capturing wedding photos.

Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs is placed on the wide, flat northwestern border of the Las Vegas Valley. As such the land is flat. However, the main park area is set on the low rolling hills that have been formed over centuries as a result of spring mud deposits. Springs emerging in the park area feed 4 lakes and supply water to groves of trees and the expanses of lawns. Beyond this green area, the park rolls out in the open desert over 2,040 acres. So, you can imagine that this park can offer you numerous settings for striking photos. Trees, grasses, lakes, hills, desert, you name it and it’s here!

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Enjoy bird watching, fishing, picnicking, walking and learning about the amazing history of the area. Birds like ducks, geese, yellow-headed and redwing blackbird, marsh wren, double-crested cormorant, green and great blue heron and many others will please your eyes. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ll get plenty of trout during winter, catfish during summer, and sunfish and bass all through the year.

The area has great amenities including picnic areas, restrooms, covered grills and tables, and paved paths. And if you’re celebrating a fall wedding, don’t miss capturing your photos on the backdrop of fall colors at Floyd Lamb!

All in all, you can spend a relaxing day while capturing great wedding photos.

Las Vegas trees
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Papago Park

If you’re looking for a great outdoor recreation along with a wedding photo shoot, visit Papago Park located just minutes from the airport and downtown. This location too has a variety of activities and photo opportunities to offer including hiking around the red butte formations, such as the iconic Hole-in-the-Rock, fishing in 7 acres of stocked fishing lagoons, enjoying a round at Papago Golf Course, and visiting the nearby Desert Botanical Garden and Phoenix Zoo.

Papago Park provides smooth trails with little elevation gain; so, they are easy to access not only for hiking, but also for walking, trail running or mountain biking. Galvin Parkway divides the part into east and west sides, both of which contain numerous trails and loops, as well as paved pathways. You can even learn about Sonoran Desert flora and fauna if they interest you. The most notably scenic viewpoint of the park and one of the best hikes of Phoenix is Hole-in-the-Rock which is an intriguing formation on the park’s east side that contains a main chamber which offers a stunning view of nearby lagoons and the skyline of the downtown. Don’t forget to capture photos on the backdrop of the amazing sunset here. But remember that the trail to the chamber includes steps that rise 200 feet just within a short 1/10 of a mile. It’s believed that the formation was used by the ancient Hohokam civilization to track the sun’s position through a hole in the rock ‘ceiling’.

Las Vegas sunset
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Another must-see structure here is Governor Hunt’s Tomb which is a white pyramid standing tall on a hill and seen throughout the park. This is the tomb of George W.P. Hunt, the first governor of Arizona. The area offers some stunning views of the surrounding, including Hole-in-the-Park, inside the Phoenix Zoo and eastern side of Greater Phoenix.

If you’re not tired, pay a visit to some other attractions of the park like the Arizona Heritage Center and the Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting.

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Wetlands Park

If you are dreaming of capturing photos of yourself and your sweetheart getting lost in winding paths, hopping on rocks across a gully or being one with nature, the Clark County Wetlands Park is a perfect spot for you.

Explore the wetlands and make your Las Vegas wedding photographers capture your candid wedding photos while sweeping through the wetlands paths. Although most paths are paved, it’s a good idea to bring your tennis shoes to make walking easy as the terrain is not so high-heel-friendly.

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So, are you now feeling stress-free upon finding some amazing wedding photo locations and have you started planning a visit to them?