Great Tips for Planning a Wedding in Greece

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Beautiful Wedding Venues in the World |

Greek weddingIf you are a Greek bride or are planning a destination wedding in Greece, there are lots of things you should consider in advance. Some of them are how to work with your budget and still have a striking effect, how to manage things to make the event run smoothly, how to confirm if the destination is correct, and so on. Wedding planning experts at Top Gamos, a leading wedding planning agency in Greece, shares useful tips here for our to-be brides planning to tie the knot in Greece.

Keep Your Wedding Date Flexible

If you are not insistent about a particular date and are fine with any date nearby your planned date, it’s easy for your wedding planner to negotiate with venues and hotels and have the best prices for you. The wedding season is short in Greece and some days are especially popular such as Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore a weekday may bring the costs down at times without having to compromise the quality.

Choosing a Location

Whether you choose a dreamy Greek island or would like to remain safe on the mainland, requirements will be the same. Choosing a location may be difficult if you work remotely and have not much of knowledge of the country. At this stage, companies like Top Gamos are your best choice. They can choose a location for you that will suit you the best. This way your total strain of wedding planning is taken by them and you can enjoy your big day thoroughly.

Set a Budget

A limited budget is the biggest problem for foreign brides in Greece. The prices go escalating when unimagined details pop up. Here too Top Gamos come to your help by helping you stick to your budget. This is because they know the local conditions better and their longtime knowledge and experience in dealing with venues, hotels and restaurants enable them to suggest you the right options and save your money. This also helps you enjoy the local colors; for example, instead of arranging for a full bar, you can serve local beer and wine and enjoy these local products and get the feel of ‘real’ Greek wedding, and save money at the same time.

A Greek wedding is a great way to enjoy your big day in this extremely beautiful land of myths, legends, fairies, Gods, philosophers and nymphs. There are great weather and relaxed local lifestyle to add to the fun. So, plan it with a proper planner and make the most of it.