Maldives Destination Wedding – 4 Important Factors You Should Know

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Maldives PhotographerIf serenity, bright sunlight, a deep hum of ocean waves and silky white beaches are what you are dreaming of for your big day, Maldives might be the right destination you should head toward. Maldives not only offers a perfectly romantic atmosphere for those who are eagerly waiting for tying the knot, but also provide countless diving and snorkeling opportunities in a colorful, underwater world which is a great attraction for to-be honeymooners. And this tiny island country offers a range of ways to celebrate your big day from a traditional church wedding to sunset cruise wedding to beach wedding. Here are some things you should know to make your Maldives wedding experience smooth and memorable.

1. What the Law Says

You’ll have to understand that a Maldives wedding between two foreign nationals won’t be considered legal. Yes; although you will tie the knot in a very real environment and fully ceremoniously, it won’t be legally binding once you return to your country. In short, you’ll have to get married again in your country. The other way around is to get married in your country and come to Maldives, enjoy the celebration in the beautiful environment here again, visit the many lovely sites, enjoy diving and snorkeling and capture countless superb photos by a Maldives photographer. Both ways, it’s guaranteed that you’ll enjoy your wedding and it will be no less than fantastic.

Thankfully, Maldives has got a huge wedding industry for foreigners who want to say “I do” here on a magnificent beach with a great infrastructure. There are so many resorts that offer nice wedding packages, mostly combining wedding and honeymoon.

Maldives wedding package

2. The Ceremony

It’s clear that you want the ceremony to be conducted on a Maldivian island in the magical atmosphere, and want to exchange rings, vows and the romantic glances. Plus, you may want to consider celebrating your wedding in a Maldivian way which can make your wedding even more unique!

Maldivian traditional wedding ceremony includes a procession with Bodu Beru i.e. drums. There are typically around 20 drummers dressed in traditional clothing in the procession and lead the couple down the aisle. A local gazi (judge) presides over the ceremony. The local dialect, Divehi, is used all through the ceremony. You can even wear traditional Maldivian wedding clothing.

Maldives destination wedding in a traditional way

3. The Venue

Among the venues in Maldives, the beaches are the most popular venues for weddings. It’s quite natural, since Maldives boasts of some of the most awesome beaches in the world. With the outstanding backdrop of shimmering waters and swaying palms, the Maldivian beaches will definitely awe you and your guests, and will complete your wedding with amazing flowers, music as well as lip-smacking food.

However, if you want to do something offbeat, you can even choose a location other than a beach. Here are some options:

  • A traditional dhoni (a luxurious yacht) in the sea
  • A sandbar far away from the world
  • A rooftop terrace
  • Beside a pool
  • One of the top restaurants in Maldives like an undersea restaurant or a restaurant in a botanical garden

Maldives destination wedding on a yacht

4. Cost

The good news is that, a Maldives wedding will be remarkably cheaper than a wedding in the US that will include your attire, flowers, photography, hair and makeup expenses, the ceremony and the reception. Maldives wedding will save a sizeable amount for you and the best part is that you don’t have to shell out money separately for honeymoon as honeymoon is included in your wedding package. The wedding package includes everything that will make your wedding truly unforgettable. And the cherry on top is the underwater shooting by a talented Maldives photographer that will make your experience the best of everything you have come across so far in life!

So, what do you think? Have you started planning for your Maldives destination wedding?

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