Non-Traditional Venues – Pros and Cons

Posted by on Nov 19, 2013 in Beautiful Wedding Venues in the World |

bowling weddingNon-traditional wedding venues range from historical sites to private homes without designated staff for weddings and similar special events. It can also be some unique looking studio such as – the venue created for weddings but a lot different than conventional wedding locations. Couples nowadays are more open to look for non-traditional venues, because of lower costs and freedom to do whatever they want. However, there are some cons of non-traditional wedding venues, for example bringing staff and necessary rentals and starting from scratch. So, if you want your wedding to be unique, you have more things to do. Well, my opinion is that it’s worth it.

A good reason to choose a non-traditional wedding venue is the catering options. Usually, traditional sites ask couples to choose from the list of pre-approved event caterers. Being free to choose your favorite local caterer can save you a ton, plus you and your guests will be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods. In a traditional venue it’s common to have a set menu and not to be allowed to bring alternative caterers at the site. It’s convenient if a couple is looking for an all-inclusive package, but not if they want flexibility for their wedding budget.

When it comes to non-traditional weddings, one factor is often overlooked, even though it mustn’t be. It’s electrical capacity, especially for the wedding music, heat/air conditioning, kitchen appliances and similar. So, it’s important to check whether the electrical capacity of the venue suits your needs. Also, if you want to make a park wedding, for example, keep in mind that you will have to apply for permits from local authorities. As soon as you decide to reserve or book a venue, take care of this.

One of the most obvious pros of choosing a non-traditional venue is that it’s more likely to book a date you want, since there is less competition. The more unusual the location, the less likely some other couples are to book it for your dream date. Also, it’s easier to negotiate with vendor if the location does not hold a lot of ceremonies.

Couples who choose non-traditional wedding venues, usually have a good reason for it. Some of them look for a better way to express their personalities, some of them had their first date or they first met there. However, don’t count on it that it would be cheaper. Actually, when you provide bar services, seating, catering, sound system and add all of the extras, it can even be more expensive.