Top 5 Most Beautiful Dream Weddings In South East Asia

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aquaria wedding - Qianlan and Cao FengNeed an inspiration to personalise your upcoming wedding day in the South East Asian region? From rustic outdoor romance to glamorous extravagance, this one is for you. When it comes to the most beautiful wedding ceremonies around South East Asia region, there are too many to list down.

Below you can expect conventional celebrations to some of the most creative wedding concepts which make it a remarkable end for these lovely couples.

1. Aquaria Wedding: Qianlan & Cao Feng


aquaria wedding - Qianlan and Cao Feng

An oceanic allure in celebration of two high school love birds, Qianlan and Cao Feng. Instead of going for the conventional type of wedding that we all see today, the young pair secured a spot at S.E.A Aquarium’s Ocean Gallery of Resorts World Sentosa for its magical underwater setting.

The vicinity was decorated in Tiffany blue theme with guest tables appropriately placed facing a large aquarium filled with marine life swimming gracefully. A beautiful blend of blue aquatic hues that swirled around the ballroom leaves their guests a submerged experience that makes the wondrous evening.

2. Charming Outdoor Wedding: Victoria & Aston


charming outdoor wedding - Victoria and Aston

A destination full of charms with jaw-dropping floral decor, Aston and Victoria’s wedding is nothing short but a dreamlike wedding. The couple travelled from Hong Kong to laidback Phuket for the whimsical event. The ceremony took place over the pool that overlooks the cerulean waters of the Andaman Sea, which makes it a truly luxurious evening. It boasted spectacular fireworks at the very end, including a rocking-after-party that fits into Phuket’s famous party scene.

3. Majestic Ballroom Wedding Banquet: Jeremy & Theng


majestic ballroom wedding banquet - Jeremy and Theng
Many still prefer to go back to the traditional type of wedding in Kuala Lumpur. A sophisticated dream wedding  that comprises of a large ballroom banquet with more than 300 guests on the list. Of course we won’t forget about the extravagant decors that will put you in awe.

Jeremy and Theng who both live in London, travelled to Malaysia for a distinctive romantic night held in the famous InterContinental Kuala Lumpur. It drew attention for its flawlessness and grandeur, carefully planned out by the experienced wedding team. Fresh deep pink roses as decor, multi-tiered bridal cake and high drapes perfectly embellished the beautiful evening.

4. Elegant Wedding From The Top: Patricia & Titov


elegant wedding from the top - Patricia and Titov
More and more couples have picked Bali as their top choice of destination for an unforgettable wedding day. A very elegant outdoor ceremony was elaborately planned out for Patricia and Titov at The Edge Bali, a breath-taking clifftop resort overlooking the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.
The rustic theme highlights a modern yet casual-like wedding where blends of neutrals and soft colours were well-incorporated. A glorious celebration adorned with decor of wild florals simply brings aesthetics to the eyes.

5. Hues Of Blues Wedding: William & Eleanor


hues of blues wedding - William and Eleanor
If you are ambivalent about having a beach wedding due to the tropical heat, think again because nobody regrets having one. In discovery of Santa Fe Beach Club, Cebu, here lies William and Eleanor’s enchanting boho-like beach wedding.

Graced in beautiful bright blue theme set on the white sands of Alice Beach, the ceremony showcased a rustic charm that is simply beguiling. The soft cyan theme during the day perfectly matches the beach vibes, while moving on to dusk with deeper blues of sapphire for a dramatic touch.

Without a wedding planner, organising your very own wedding may be cost-efficient but the extra burden is there. Make sure you embrace each process by taking note of the 5 steps towards an enjoyable wedding planning.

Of hotels, beaches, gardens, and other unique venues you can think of, where would you like to have your dream wedding? Share with us in the comments with your brightest ideas.