The Powerhouse Wedding of Vanessa Herrera and Angel Luna on 15th Jan 2017

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Vanessa Herrera and Angel LunaThe Magic of a Fighting Spirit – The powerhouse wedding of Vanessa Herrera a professional martial artist & creator of the 1st Ever Musically Recognized Martial Arts Tournament announced she will be marrying Dominican born professional featherweight boxer Angel Luna on January 15, 2017 from 1-4 pm, Martin Luther King Weekend, a weekend that symbolizes Dr. King’s principles of courage, friendship, and love.

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Memorable Celebrity Wedding Gowns

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grace kelly weddingCelebrity marriages usually don’t last and we can almost count on it, but one thing is certain: spectacular wedding gowns to admire. Here are some of the best celebrity wedding gowns we have ever seen, those embellished, frothy and tiered dresses that made us weak in the knee.

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Marriages of the Rich and Famous – Celebrity Wedding Inspirations

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celebrity weddingWhen you are planning your special day, you may be looking at celebrity weddings for inspiration. Many celebrity weddings are lavish and decadent affairs, as the average celebrity has sufficient budget to plan their dream wedding in any destination throughout the world.

Your wedding budget might not be as big as your favourite celebrity couple but you can still get some ideas from their romantic and truly indulgent celebrity wedding. Here are a few examples of truly memorable celebrity weddings between some of the biggest stars of the current era.

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Wedding of Kim Kardashian Vs. Average US Bride – An Interesting Cost Comparison

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While an average couple thinks over again and again about how they can cut their wedding cost, celebrities think on how they can spend lots and lots of money on their weddings. When their wedding expenditure is published through various media, an average bride and groom certainly get a feeling of envy; however it is also true, that most of the celebrities learn in the long run, that money can’t bring happiness. Still, looking at the wedding cost of celebrities is tempting. Here is some interesting statistics of costs of Kim Kardashian’s short-lived wedding with Kris Humphries compared to an average wedding.

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Mark Zuckerberg Ties the Knot with Priscilla Chan!

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Mark Zuckerberg surprised not only Facebook-fans and others all over the world who know him, but also the invitees of a small ceremony which turned out to be his marriage. This week was extremely happening for Mark Zuckerberg when he became a billionaire with the Facebook IPO on Friday, before which on Monday, his girlfriend Priscilla Chan finished her medical school graduation and they both got married on Saturday!

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