G-String, V-String or Thong – What Should You Buy for Your Honeymoon?

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bridal underwear for bride

Congratulations! Finally, the day is around the corner when you and your soulmate will be united! Definitely, you need special attire for the occasion of your first night. You’re excited to buy a beautiful lingerie. But the terms G-string, V-string and Thong have created a lot of confusion in you, so, you’re wondering what to do. On other occasions, you use them interchangeably; but today is a special night and use of a wrong term may bring embarrassment to you and you certainly don’t want it when you are with your partner. So, let’s understand the difference. That will also help you know what’s best for you.

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Unusual Honeymoon Destination – Norilsk, Siberia

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If you have the right person, you can be happy anywhere, whereas with someone who’s not your true soul mate, you’ll get bored easily wherever you are. When you think about romantic places for your honeymoon, you probably look for a charming old town, fields of lavender or tropical islands. But, what if you want something completely different? For couples who want their honeymoon to be something absolutely out of the box, who are willing to take their chances with extraordinary choices, let’s present something unusual, yet really rewarding: Norilsk, Siberia.

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9 Amazing Decoration Tips to Have an Unforgettable Wedding Night

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Intimate Hearts mattress protectorSo, you are planning your wedding, either on your own or you have hired a professional wedding planner. There are so many tasks to do, so many vendors to hire, caterer, decorator, florist, photographer, venue, music, wedding car and so many things! Hope you haven’t forgotten a very important thing – your honeymoon! After all, all your wedding preparations are going to and should end up in an unforgettably beautiful wedding night and a honeymoon thereafter which you will treasure forever! So, have you planned for such an awesome wedding night? Here are some tips.

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There is Someone Really Expert, Professional and Helpful to Help You in Your Wedding

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The Wedding Travel ExpertCongratulations on getting engaged! You must be looking forward eagerly to your big day and of course, to your honeymoon – the sweetest period in the life of a romantic couple! But are you running hither and thither for making all the arrangements? Do you think you should relax and hand over the responsibility to make all the arrangements to someone experienced and knowledgeable? If your answer is yes, let me tell you, there is someone out there, happy to help you and it’s The Wedding Travel Expert and Bride Net!

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Maldives Honeymoon – A Heavenly Start of Your Married Life

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Maldives ResortsIf your idea of honeymoon is a true isolation with your sweetheart, surrounded by miles of ocean water, with pampering in the company of each other again with ocean around, and quick dips in between in the ocean to watch the multicolored corals and creatures like mantas, barracudas and turtles, Maldives is your best bet. The archipelago of Maldives is just south of the southern tip of India and spread in form of over 1,000 coral islands forming 26 atolls, in the Indian Ocean.

With a warm to slightly hot temperature year-round, Maldives offers the best honeymoon season between January and March. November and December are months of afternoon showers which don’t last for long, while May to October is a less predictable and so, low season.

Most of the islands host only a single hotel and all Maldives resorts provide the same stunning views, smooth silky sand and turquoise waters.

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Guatemala – Ideal Place to Start a New Life with Your Sweetheart

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guatemala honeymoonIdeally you should start your new life with your spouse from a place where there is ample natural beauty, greenery, sunlight, open skies and multicolored culture, where you two can spend hours in each other’s company far from stress, worries and problems. In that case, your ideal honeymoon destination is Guatemala. With Guatemala Luxury Tours offered by www.tourguate.com you get an all inclusive honeymoon package that includes air, hotel, transportation, food, drinks and tours so you don’t have to worry about anything. What else will you want while you are with your sweetheart?

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