4 Excellent Tips to Make You Smile in Your Wedding Photos

Posted by on May 5, 2019 in Managing Wedding, Wedding seasons, Wedding tips |

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Are you worried about your wedding photos just because you know that you can’t smile and look happy in your photos? Well, if you believe that you aren’t photogenic and you can’t smile in your photos, forget those worries and be ready for awesome wedding photos with these ideas.

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Summer Weddings: 3 Tips on Choosing Shoes

Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Wedding seasons |

white_rhinestones_wedges_bridal_sandals_peep_toe_t_strap_adjustable_buckle_wedding_shoes1_1The shoes you wear on your big day can make or break your wedding outfit and every woman knows that. When choosing that perfect pair of sandals for your summer wedding, there are many factors that should be considered. Your footwear has to match the theme, the location, the dress and they have to fit and be functional. I’ll give you 3 tips on picking for the right pair of shoes for your important summer event in order to make that shopping experience enjoyable and indulging for you!

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4 Winter Wedding Color Palette Ideas

Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in Wedding seasons |

navy and sunWinter weddings are dreamy and incredibly romantic! Since we know there are so many irresistible palettes around every corner, it can be quite difficult to narrow the choice down. To make it a little bit easier for you, I’ll present you my top four winter wedding color schemes! Hopefully, one of them will be just perfect for your beautiful big day in cool weather. Make sure the wedding palette you choose reflects your style, but keep in mind it will set the mood of your lovely event, too. Make the most out of this idyllic and cool season!

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Summer Wedding Planning Tips – Keep Your Guests Cool

Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Wedding seasons, Wedding tips |

wedding drinksBrides who are planning a summertime wedding are usually envisioning a picture-perfect blue-sky day and a sea of lovely, white and pink roses everywhere they look, wedding guests in high-fashion outfits walking through astonishing gardens with elegant champagne glasses in hands. However, what a summer bride is surely not envisioning are those same wedding guests dehydrated, overheated, fighting thousands of mosquitoes. I’m not suggesting you should give up on throwing your big party on a summer day, but simply to help you prevent any possible dangers of it, at least when your guests’ comfort is in the question.

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Let All the Colors of Your Indian/Asian Wedding be Captured in the Camera

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Indian wedding collageAsian and especially Indian wedding is a truly spectacular event with a lot of colors, flowers, jewelry, dresses, and an unending excitement in the atmosphere. Indians like to chat with each other on various topics and when they meet on the occasion of a wedding, they are happy more than the wedding couple to meet each other and chat! So, if a photographer is dreaming of shooting a small slice of real life, s/he should take the opportunity to shoot an Indian wedding. Vilija at VSFoto.co.uk is such a passionate Asian wedding photographer who is in love with shooting real people and real life, involved in Asian weddings.

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