4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Opt for Wedding Videography

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Lulan Wedding Photography and Videography

Is your big day around the corner and while planning a fairy tale wedding for months, are you saddened with a thought that such a grand wedding will be over in just a few hours and you won’t have enough time to enjoy it? If yes, you and your partner would love to live those heavenly moments again and again! If both of you want those moments to be recorded in as much detail as possible so you can enjoy them time and again, there’s an excellent way to do that – it’s wedding videography! Wedding videographers are those camera wizards that are trained to capture all the moments of your big day and create an awesome video that you’d wish to cherish forever.

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5 Fun Tips to Buy Perfect Bridal Undergarments

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bride underwear

Wow! Your big day is around the corner and bridal shopping is your main activity nowadays! But beware of forgetting something very important. What’s that? It’s bridal undergarments. Surprised? But your undergarments will decide how beautiful and comfortable you’d feel on your big day in the dream dress you’ve chosen for the day. And sure, you don’t want any visible lumps, straps or panty lines, right? Hoping you’re not scarily worried, we’d like to lighten some of your burden by sharing a few helpful tips with you regarding bridal undergarment shopping.

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20 Best Gift Ideas for Wedding

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Best Gift Ideas for Wedding

Besides being an occasion of the union of two loving individuals, a wedding is also an event of expressing love towards others through gifts. But most wedding parties seem to be confused about what to gift to their guests, guests seem to be confused about gifting the newlywed couple and so on. Here are a few best gift ideas for wedding that will help you choose gifts for your loved ones.

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4 Wonderful Tips to Choose Wedding Flowers

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Out of all the wedding shopping, shopping for wedding flowers is perhaps the next most exciting process after the wedding dress shopping. However, although flowers are delicate and beautiful objects, their shopping is not as easy as one may think. Like everything else in wedding, buying wedding flowers also needs planning. The following tips will hopefully help brides who wonder where to start.

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Fashion Behold – Your One-stop Shop for Wedding and After Wedding

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wedding welcome sign from Fashion Behold

Is your big day around the corner and you’re still wondering what to buy? Don’t worry! We are going to introduce you to a platform which can get most of what you desire.

This is Fashion Behold – a place where there are products that are designed to make your moments special – whether it’s your wedding, anniversary, baby shower or any other special event! What’s more, they have customizable products too that you can make suitable to your requirements.

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