11 Important Traits That Make A Great Wedding DJ

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If you’ve planned to have a wedding DJ at your big day and are now wondering how to find a great one, understand that there are certain qualities that you should look for and your wedding will be super hit with the great music by a great DJ. Here are a few of those traits.

1. Should Understand that You are the Center of Attraction

DJs tend to love to attract everyone towards themselves. Probably this is the main reason they become DJs. However, a great wedding DJ should always keep in mind that when he is performing in a wedding, the event is all about the wedding couple and all the guests should be attracted to you. Thus, your wedding DJ should be able to drive everyone’s attention to you and remember that you should be the center of attraction, and keep his own egos aside and focus on creating an amazing ambiance instead of trying to become the heart and soul of the party.

2. Should Be Dressed Up Professionally

A great DJ such as the Indianapolis wedding DJ understands that it’s your wedding party and not a high school graduation event. Hence she will dress in a professional way that can send the message that the event she is performing at is a highly important one and that she has taken the time to dress properly and groom herself. To sum up, your photographer shouldn’t need to take efforts to edit the unprofessional DJ out of your beautiful wedding photos.

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3. Has a Clean DJ Setup

When you are keen about everything in your wedding to be beautiful, organized and amazing, would you like your DJ’s equipment to be dilapidated, dusty and surrounded by ugly wires from all sides? A real professional DJ understands well that his setup can make or break the looks of your wedding. So, great DJs always maintain their equipment in excellent condition and updated. They even make sure that cables and wires are in their proper place and behind the scenes.

4. Runs the Wedding Efficiently

One of the main duties of wedding DJs is to run the wedding efficiently through the timeline and schedules. A great DJ understands this and also that having the microphone handy, she can actually shake the dance floor with her enthusiasm and “shout outs”. However, a real great DJ also knows that she should not overdo it on the mic, as that can be cheesy and irritating.

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5. Experienced

There are several different types of DJs and there are several different types of events in which DJs perform. These include wedding anniversaries, graduation parties, holiday parties, corporate events, and so on.

However, wedding is the most special event in one’s life. It normally doesn’t come in one’s life again and again, at least not with the pomp that is involved in the first one. A great DJ is experienced in performing in weddings and their orchestration. He is also experienced in sticking strictly to the timeline.

6. Is Prepared and Organized

An excellent wedding DJ will take the time to discuss with the wedding couple to offer assistance in the wedding planning process. An experienced DJ has probably performed in hundreds of weddings and so, can be of immense help in deciding the schedule and running the event through it successfully.

She can even give important suggestions and answers to many queries of the couple about what to expect on the wedding day. A great wedding DJ can even help the couple with completing the master of ceremonies form and check it before their big day.

For the best organization of the event, a great wedding DJ will essentially visit the manager of your wedding venue weeks before your wedding just to discuss important details. These details include: when should the DJ access the venue for setup, Wi-Fi usage and any particular rules that the venue may have.

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7. Has a Great Collection of Music

A great DJ of course has a diverse collection of music so that he caters the needs of different types of crowd. This also shows that he’s much experienced and understands that different types of people love different types of music and is ready to give what people want.

8. Plays Perfect Music

This may appear to be obvious, but actually isn’t. Remember the tip 1? It’s your wedding and you should be the center of attraction, and not the DJ. As it’s your party and of your guests, the DJ should give you people what you want.

A great wedding DJ will collaborate with you, the wedding couple, to get directions to shape the music playlist so as to make it unique to every individual wedding.

You too should understand that every DJ may have her own style and you should accept it. However, it’s more important that the DJ makes the best of both worlds by combining her own choice with yours and make it more appealing to you and your guests than to herself.

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9. Understands What the Public Wants

A great wedding DJ has the power to make everyone in the party dance making the dance floor full all through the night. He should carefully observe the crowd and think on things like what different age groups make this crowd, what type of music is being preferred by them the most, which next song will work the best to keep up the momentum that I have already set up on the dance floor, what’s the perfect time to mishmash the music so that the dancers won’t get bored and would dance with even more enthusiasm, and so on. Moreover, he should also make sure that your guests will never try to plug their ears and prefer to leave because the music is too loud or tasteless.

10. Is a Teamwork Expert

A great wedding DJ being experienced with several weddings knows well that the wedding is going on smoothly because of several other vendors who are trying to make it a success. She understands that she should consider the fellow vendors a part of the wedding team and they are working together to bring your dream wedding to reality. Hence a great wedding DJ will work well with others on good terms and even will help them wherever possible to make sure everything goes on as per the plan for all vendors.

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11. Loves Being a DJ

A great wedding DJ will of course love what he is doing i.e. being a DJ. A great tip to help you avoid hiring an irritable DJ is to ask him how he handles the requests during a wedding. If he replies that he doesn’t take requests because he calls all the shots, there are high chances that he is grumpy. This is the time when you should turn away and continue your search for a great wedding DJ.