3 Important Factors to Consider while Buying a Travel Ring

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Your wedding ring is the second most beloved thing for you after your partner. You don’t want to let anything bad happen to it and would like to avoid wearing it during traveling as anything can happen during travel. The shine and luster of the ring can be dulled with sunscreen. A slightly loose diamond can fall off while you’re swimming. Or in the worst scenario, the ring can be lost or stolen. But then what will you wear during travel?

Don’t worry, something called a travel ring comes to your rescue which will simulate your wedding ring so that your precious wedding ring is safe in its place and you don’t have to travel without wearing a wedding ring. You and your partner can even wear matching rings like Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky.

Let’s see what you should consider while getting a travel ring.

1. Choose Fake Diamonds Carefully

Fake diamonds are made from materials that look just like real diamonds. While synthetic diamonds resemble the real ones when it comes to makeup, they are different from real diamonds in chemical and physical properties. These materials are of various types and vary in durability, color, clarity and hardness.

Although comparing the price of fake diamond rings is easy, choosing between the stones is not so easy. There are simulation diamonds that look more colorless than others and there are also some others that scratch easily. Experts at Luxuria, makers of exceptionally high-quality diamond simulation rings, talk to us on some most popular options.

Cubic Zirconia

One of the most popular diamond imitations in a travel ring, cubic zirconia is a very budget-friendly option. However, it is less durable than the real thing, and will get many visible scratches if you use it regularly. For wearing only during travel, it’s still a very good option.

White Sapphire

Another very popular stone to simulate real diamond is white sapphire which is also cheap. It’s also significantly colorless and is harder than cubic zirconia.


Diamonds made of this rare mineral are generally made in a lab. It has more colors in its sparkle even than a real diamond. It’s closest to real diamond in terms of hardness.


Glass is widely used to make imitation diamonds due to its abundance. It’s most prominent feature is that it’s very cheap. However, it’s significantly softer than diamond and will get scratches within no time.

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2. Diamond Size

Considering what size of diamond you should choose is also important. While in case of real diamonds, a common conception is that the bigger the diamond, the better, in case of an imitation diamond, too big stone is not recommended.

Firstly, a too big stone will come more easily in people’s notice that it’s fake. This actually depends on the material of which the fake diamond is made; however, overall most imitations differ from diamonds when it comes to sparkle and brilliance, and a large size can make those differences more visible.

Also, keep in mind that imitations tend to scratch more easily than real ones, and scratches are also more obvious on bigger stones.

3. How to Choose Setting?

Since you will be choosing a fake wedding ring so that you won’t have to suffer a great loss if anything happens to the ring, it makes sense to choose a not-so-expensive setting for your imitation diamond. Ideal materials for settings of travel rings are sterling silver or white gold.

Travel rings Sterling silver engagement rings Luxuria

Still, if you prefer yellow gold, don’t forget that rings with higher carats are more expensive. Moreover, as the gold content is higher, the setting becomes softer and less durable than settings with lower carats. Thus a 10-carat or 14-carat ring will not only be less expensive, but also less prone to scratches.

Travel ring is a very good alternative to wear during travel and keep your real ring safe. With so many gorgeous travel rings to choose from, you don’t have to worry about what to wear in travel.