4 Awesome Alternatives to a Professional Wedding Photographer

Posted by on May 12, 2022 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

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There’s no doubt that wedding memories are precious and should be recorded so that the couple and their next generations can enjoy watching them at various stages of life. But there are times when it’s not possible for the wedding couple to hire a professional wedding photographer, maybe due to budget, shortage of time or some other reasons. But then should they leave the thought of capturing their big day on camera? Not at all! Even without a professional photographer, the precious moments and all the fun can be captured on camera. Here are a few ideas.

Hire a Photo Booth

Isn’t it great that you and your guests can capture as many photos as you want with a variety of fun props and crazy poses, and get your prints in real time, thanks to a wedding photo booth? Yes, it’s such an easy, amazing and cost-effective alternative to a wedding photographer, and offers many add-ons like unlimited prints, social media sharing, digital prints, props, backdrops, and even an attendant to help you out! Plus, it’s easily available. Whether it’s a photo booth Niagara or Yukon or Quebec, you’re going to get it anywhere you’re going to hold your event!

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Assign the Job to Your Guests

It’s guaranteed that at least some of your guests would have high-quality cameras and they are amateur photographers too. If you request them to capture your event, they’d love it. You’ll just have to instruct them regarding which moments and people should be essentially captured, they’d be eager to show off their photography skills and would try to do the job proficiently. But don’t forget to thank them, praise them and give a token of gratitude to them if possible.

Hire Only the Equipment

If you’re on a budget and trying to cut corners, an excellent way is to hire only a professional camera without having to pay for the photographer. You can arrange for passing the camera among your guests who would capture the day, and then send the pictures for editing. With this method, you can end up with an awesome, professional quality recording of your big day, without paying the hefty fee of a wedding photographer.

Hire a Beginner

In addition to applying one of the above ideas, if you want a professional wedding photographer to capture your big day, but also want to save some bucks, hire a beginner photographer. A beginner photographer may charge quite low because they need to establish their business. Also, they try to do an excellent job for the same reason. So, you get high-quality work at low cost.

We hope that these ideas will relieve your stress regarding your wedding photos. Let’s know which of these you applied for your wedding and how it worked. All the best and a happy married life!