4 Excellent Wedding Food Ideas that will Make Your Wedding Memorable to Your Guests

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wedding food ideas

You’re excited while planning your big day and you want everything to be perfect. This includes food too. In fact, it will be one of the most important components of your wedding. Not only you and your partner should enjoy the food, but also your guests. But everyone has a different choice. So, you’ll have to be a bit careful while choosing your wedding menu. Here are a few ideas that will help you out in ordering the wedding food that most of your guests will enjoy.

Considering Most Guests’ (Though Not of All) Choice

It’s practically impossible to consider every invitee’s choice while deciding your wedding menu. But you can consider the choice of as many of them as possible and narrow down your options. For example, you can discuss with each of your families about wedding food ideas. If there is any specific family recipe, you can serve them both to celebrate the union of your families. Or you can include dishes in wedding invites and your guests can choose from them. The dishes that get maximum response can be included in your wedding menu.

Menu chilli meat pizza


You can even personalize your wedding menu. For example, you can have your wedding menu based on the meal you had on your first date or engagement. When such personalized details are included in your wedding menu, your guests will feel more connected to your love story.

Most importantly, you can customize your wedding menu according to your personal choice. If you’re finding it hard what to choose, feel free to choose some of your own favorite dishes, whether it’s punchy pesto pizza or white chocolate. Work with your caterer to design your wedding menu that will not only be delicious but also meaningful.

Menu mushroom pizza

You’re Free to Choose Your Own Format

A typical wedding menu consists of welcome drinks, appetizers, entrée, salads, desserts and drinks.

Welcome Drinks: A light, refreshing welcome drink will please your guests once they enter the venue. This beverage will have a strong impact, so, it’s better to pick something popular yet safe. Sparkling Apple Cider, Iced Tea and Pimms could be an amazing way to begin the celebration.

Appetizers: You can think out of the box and impress your guests. Mini slider, hors d’oeurves and tuna tartare cones would be just the right appetizers to start your reception party. These light appetizers will make your guests happy while they proceed to enjoy the delectable main course.

Entrée: The entrée should contain a few different options to let your guests choose from, and should include veg, non-veg and vegan options, such as vegan pizza. Still, meat is probably a must because its rich color and royal taste will make your wedding reception party absolutely exquisite. Meat-lovers among your guests will definitely enjoy the cured meats, sweet tomatoes, mozzarella and garlic bread.

vegetarian pizzas

Salads: A rich entrée should be accompanied with an excellent salad. Something like a Santa Fe Salad to complement smoked ham is a sophisticated addition to your wedding buffet as the healthy salad will correctly balance the meaty entrée.

Desserts: It’s not wrong to say that any wedding food ideas are incomplete without delicious desserts. Some attractive dessert ideas are Fruit Coulis, Caramel, and Oreo bits with chocolate drizzle and fruits.

Wedding Desserts Ideas

Drinks: Drinks are perfect to conclude your reception menu. You’re free to choose this option and can stock your reception bar with drinks like Kahlua, Frangelico, Jameson, Ouzo, Malibu, Bourbon, Sambuca, Pablo and Sabra. These drinks will make your wedding menu memorable.

However, you’re not strictly bound to choose this format. For example, instead of offering multiple entrée options to allow your guests to choose from, you can offer only one entrée, such as pizza or traditional hot dogs, if you wish to. Or if you’d prefer a cocktail-style reception, you’re free to do that.

Excellent Wedding Food Ideas

Wedding Food Stand

A wedding food stand is a great choice because of the variety and flexibility it presents. For example, Mobile Bistros offer a range of popular wedding foods from a single food stand. You can even choose unlimited servings, made to order restaurant quality sourdough pizzas and ‘late nite’ wedding menus including sweet Belgian waffles with toppings of your choice including Biscoff, Oreo, white chocolate, Nutella and a lot more. They only need a minimum 3m x 3m safe, flat space where they comfortably fit all their catering equipment and setup, and are absolutely self-sufficient regarding water and electricity. They cater for traditional, vegetarian as well as vegan options, and even gluten-free items on prior request. You and your guests will be pleased to have such a compact yet diverse food stand.

Wedding Food Stand

Pop Up Pizza Stand

A pop up pizza stand is perfect for more intimate wedding parties. Mobile Bistros offer it where they offer perfectly cooked sourdough stone-baked pizzas placed onto the serving table for your guests to slice, oil and serve themselves. They offer eight popular varieties including Margherita, Pepperoni, Punchy Pesto Pizza and Super Vegetarian pizzas.

Pop Up Pizza Stand

Popcorn Table

Who doesn’t love popcorns? Most of your wedding guests will be amazed to see this classic healthy snack being served at your reception, either as a twist to your cocktail hour or as a late-night munch.

Dessert Stand

For your dessert-lover guests, you can bring in a dessert truck and offer pleasant delicacies such as Nutella, White Chocolate, Fruit Coulis, Caramel, Fresh Lemon and Sugar, and more. This can even include a donut station and bagel bar. Donuts are perfect for those who prefer non-traditional cakes and bagels are ideal wedding snacks with chewy, delicious flavors and textures.

Dessert Stand

Evening Eating

You can apply more interesting wedding food ideas to add even more colors to your reception party. You can offer a food stand for your evening guests. Mobile Bistros, for example, offer evening foods including a choice of unlimited waffles or unlimited hot dogs loaded with nachos. Your guests can choose from Spicy Dog, Traditional Hot Dog, Chicken Dog, Blue Dog and Vegan Dog which are made to order at their Hot Dog Stand.

Traditional Hot Dog

Whatever you choose, you can make your wedding menu memorable to your guests by offering delectable items that are special to you and your wedding. With such a wedding menu, they’ll remember your big day forever!