4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Opt for Wedding Videography

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Lulan Wedding Photography and Videography

Is your big day around the corner and while planning a fairy tale wedding for months, are you saddened with a thought that such a grand wedding will be over in just a few hours and you won’t have enough time to enjoy it? If yes, you and your partner would love to live those heavenly moments again and again! If both of you want those moments to be recorded in as much detail as possible so you can enjoy them time and again, there’s an excellent way to do that – it’s wedding videography! Wedding videographers are those camera wizards that are trained to capture all the moments of your big day and create an awesome video that you’d wish to cherish forever.

However, given the many misconceptions about wedding videographers, several would-be couples shy away to choose this wonderful option. Read on to get your myths shattered about these professionals, so you won’t miss them and thus won’t eventually regret.


1. An Unmatched Memento

Wedding photos are undoubtedly an important aspect of the wedding because those precious images will be admired and displayed in frames or albums, so you can watch them again and again. Photographs are an excellent means of freezing the lost golden moments. But if you really wish to relive them over and over, wedding video could be an even better option, according to Lulan from Lulan Wedding Photography and Videography.

With wedding videos you get a chance to see the emotions playing across people’s faces in a way that is not possible with mere wedding photos.

Wedding videos can capture your big day, the ceremony and the speeches in full and drone cameras can offer you spectacular bird’s eye views of the venue.

In videos, you can even hear the spoken parts of your day like vows and speeches, not to mention the fun little bloopers that happen all through the day.

2. Not in Your Way

A great misconception about wedding videographers is that they will keep coming in your way during the day.

But you’ll be surprised to see when you’d actually not notice the camera and camera person at all. Gone are the days of traditional wedding videography. Today’s cameras are lightweight and microphones are so small that they can be easily hidden in a jacket lapel and for much of the day, videographers use a small glide-cam device that is very unobtrusive.

3. You Need Not Pose

Lulan at Lulan Wedding Photography and Videography relieves his camera-shy clients by clarifying that while with photographers, couples need to spend time posing and looking at the cameras, with wedding videographers, they get a more natural approach, as the videographers prefer to capture moments as they happen naturally.

Still, if you’re a bit nervous being in front of the camera, Lulan advises and assures to just be you and you’ll look great. You’re surrounded by your loved ones who will take care of you for the whole day along with the venue team. So, any wedding day nerves shouldn’t stay back.

Natural approach

4. Good Value for Money

Another great misconception about wedding videographers is that they’re pricey. But you should remember that when you hire a videographer, you make an investment, and of course you can’t put a price on your precious memories.

The joy and goosebumps you’d experience while watching your wedding video will easily outshine the price you paid for it.

When it comes to the wedding budget, videography is a good value for money. The film equipment videographers use are expensive and they have to dedicate endless hours to editing the footage, as many as three weeks on each wedding, combining images and sounds of the day together to create a timeless story of the day!

So, looking at the incredible pluses of wedding video, have you now included the hunt for a great wedding videographer in your wedding planning?