5 Fun Tips to Buy Perfect Bridal Undergarments

Posted by on Feb 2, 2023 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

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Wow! Your big day is around the corner and bridal shopping is your main activity nowadays! But beware of forgetting something very important. What’s that? It’s bridal undergarments. Surprised? But your undergarments will decide how beautiful and comfortable you’d feel on your big day in the dream dress you’ve chosen for the day. And sure, you don’t want any visible lumps, straps or panty lines, right? Hoping you’re not scarily worried, we’d like to lighten some of your burden by sharing a few helpful tips with you regarding bridal undergarment shopping.

1. Where to Start?

As mentioned earlier, your undergarments will decide how beautiful and comfortable you’d feel in your bridal gown. On the other hand, before shopping for your bride underwear, you should shop for your dream wedding dress and use your first dress fitting as an opportunity to learn about what type of lingerie would work best. Strictly resist the temptation to buy beforehand. You’ll be surprised to find how much you’ve learned what kind of foundational garments you need once you have the dress on your body and what alterations you’ll need.

You’ll enjoy your shopping after this! If you’re looking for lingerie to wear on the big day, it’s recommended to book an appointment at a store to get a curated experience. Thus you can make sure to get time set aside just for you and a chance to go through their top stock. On the appointment day, you should bring the images of your dress to show the store expert what you plan to wear.

2. Allow Yourself Ample Time

If you’ve ample time, you can try out underwear at your dress fittings, rather than rushing out to buy it later, and you can stand close to the window during fittings so as to get natural daylight to spot any lines. You can also consider taking pictures of yourself from various angles to make sure flash photography won’t ruin the illusion.

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3. Underwear

The kind of underwear you need to buy should depend on the style of dress you plan on wearing. You have two options, viz. Classic and Seamless.

Classic: If your dress is voluminous or made of thicker material, you can have great fun with your bride underwear. This is because when you have room beneath the dress, you have a chance to express your personality and choose something that can make you feel fantastic. In other words, if your dress offers you room underneath the skirt, you can wear whatever you want (of course, in the right shade).

Seamless: ‘Slim-fitting dresses’ made of a single layer of fabric, usually need underwear that lies flat and smooth. A nude-colored thong always works, but you shouldn’t also feel restricted to only one option. In most cases, a bride could wear a smooth lace thong without any problem. Just be sure to find one made from high-tech, seamless flat lace.

4. Be Careful with Size

Choosing the right size might seem obvious, but you’ve to make sure the knickers you choose are of right size. Choosing one size bigger than usual might help avoid bulging. However, you should also be careful about not going too big, as with such wedding underwear for bride, some brides even have lost their pants walking down the aisle.

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5. If You Need/Don’t Need Support

If you need support but are not able to find anything that doesn’t leave a visible line, consider getting seamless shapewear tights and chopping off the feet and part of legs. But if you don’t need underwear for support, you need not bother wearing any – that way you can avoid the lines showing. But in that case, prepare for any weather, particularly if you’re not going to wear a bra. Even summer evenings could get chilly, and no one sees the bride so keenly!

Choose your bridal undergarments carefully with the help of the above tips and look stunning on your big day! Happy shopping!