5 Steps towards an Enjoyable Wedding Planning

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Managing Wedding |

planning your weddingMost of today’s brides prefer to hire a wedding planner, though some prefer to plan their own wedding. There is something amazing and enchanting to plan your big day on your own; however, you need help at some stages as you are undertaking the tasks for the first time and have no previous experience, unless you are a professional wedding planner or have planned your friend’s or cousin’s wedding before. Here are some tips that will make the process much easier for you.

1. Guests are of Prior Importance

Before choosing your venue, get a rough number of guests you are going to invite. This will give you an idea how spacious your venue should be. Approximately 25 to 30 sq. ft should be allowed to each guest. This is enough if considered along with tables, waiters, dance floor and band.

2. Avoid Tricky Dates

While choosing your wedding date, remember to avoid tricky dates on which there may be a charity walk, a trade conference or any such local event that could affect hotel room availability and traffic.

3. Take Benefit of Rewarding Programs of Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer rewarding programs that you can take benefit of to bear the high costs of the wedding easily. Consolidating all your wedding-related shopping with such a card will accumulate hoards of reward points which you can use for more purchases, for your honeymoon for example, to get discounts.

4. Take Help of Directories

For finding vendors, instead of running here and there, you can take help of wedding directories like HitchedInFrance.com. This is a DIY wedding planners directory of wedding experts in France. They are of a lot of help if you are committed to planning your own destination wedding in France with some of the best wedding vendors in France and avoiding any language barriers. You just have to send them a description of the kind of services you would like to have, date and location. Take help of such a directory and you can manage everything with just some clicks or taps.

5. Get Organized

Compile all your paperwork with vendors in a binder. You may even make multiple binders, one for correspondences, one for receipts, one for photos you want to show to the vendors, etc. Create a dedicated email id for your wedding; you can also create a wedding website to note and publish everything related to your wedding. Save all important vendor numbers in your cell phone.

Planning your wedding in this way will make it much easy for you and you will in fact enjoy it!