7 Essential Points to Remember for Awesome Wedding Photos

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So, you’re a Manchester girl looking forward to celebrating your big day in your lovely city. Obviously you are also looking forward to getting awesome wedding photographs. It’s true that when you choose the right wedding photographer, half the battle is won. But the remaining half can be won by you! How? Read on.

1. Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

You may want to ignore pre-wedding photo shoot just because you’re busy in your other wedding tasks. But believe me, it’s very, very important in order to improve your actual wedding photo shoot.

Firstly, it makes you comfortable before the camera and with your photographer, so that during your wedding photo shoot, you can look more relaxed, more natural.

Secondly, you and your photographer become more familiar with each other; you both understand each other. Thus, they understand what type of photos you want and you understand what you should do to help them capture perfect photos.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

2. Pose

A good photographer like Declan West, a Manchester based wedding photographer and videographer at Declan West Photography can help you take a pose in which you’ll look the most attractive and elegant. You should chin up. Why? It’s because that will banish your double chin! Then you should hold your shoulders back so that the apparent width of your torso is reduced and your bosom is accentuated. You should stand turning a little left (or right) so that you’ll look slimmer. And you should move one of your feet backwards and shift your weight to that foot so that your bottom is cocked in a position that offers you an attractive curviness.

Your photographer will use many other small yet effective tricks that will help you take an attractive pose, perfect for great wedding portraits.

Declan West at Declan West Photography

3. Hair and Makeup

It’s a good idea to schedule a hair and makeup rehearsal. You don’t want to experiment in this aspect on your big day. Thus if you plan to wear a headpiece, this is the time when you can make sure it will fit with your hairstyle. And with your correct planning, your photographer may be able to capture some formals even on this day.

Hair and Makeup

4. Bouquet

Brides are often confused about what to do of their bouquet while being photographed. Ideally, a bouquet should be held down. If you hold it close to your chest, your thousand dollar dress will be covered under the hundred dollar bouquet. Also, if your height is five feet, don’t go for a 3 foot cascading bouquet. Remember, it’ll be a long day and at the end of it, you’d wish that your bouquet was lighter and may be even artificial. If your bouquet is too big, it may even injure your guests during the bouquet toss.


5. Props

One of the things you can do to make sure your wedding photos look awesome is to give your wedding photographer in Manchester tools necessary to apply their creativity. E.g. while shopping for the wedding flowers, you can buy inexpensive items like a boutonniere, single rose etc. that can be used in the photos.

You can even set aside a copy of your wedding invitation which they can incorporate in your wedding photos. Other things that can be incorporated in the photos are your wedding rings, flowers, shoes, garter and many more.


6. Lighting

Since natural light offers the best photos, try to plan your wedding at the time of the day when the room is most brightly lit naturally. As a rule, the best natural light occurs 3-4 hours after sunrise and 1-2 hours before sunset. Your room should not have high dark ceilings and only a few windows.


7. Backgrounds

You should be the main focal point of your wedding photos. But sometimes wedding backgrounds are so complicated that viewers’ attention is distracted away from the bride. So, make sure you use simple backgrounds.

simple backgrounds

So, are you all set to have great wedding photos that you’ll be proud of for years to come?