Banquet Halls in Mumbai – What to Look For?

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Banquet halls in Mumbai 1Wedding is a big affair and a Mumbai wedding is also no exception. Actually while conducting wedding in Mumbai is even more hectic because getting a perfect hall according to the auspicious date and time is critical. The time or Muhurta of wedding when the couple exchanges garland and officially become husband and wife is important, and you should have a fine banquet hall available on that time and date. Here are some tips to make your process of finding one of the nicest banquet halls in Mumbai easier.

Start Searching Early

This is important because a banquet hall of your choice may have been booked much earlier by other wedding parties, even a year in advance! If you want a hall which is full of amenities of your choice and accessible to all your guests, you should start searching early.

Find a Hall Accessible to Your Guests

Mumbai is a huge city. And let’s face it, transportation here is not very disciplined and predictable. Your guests will dress up for wedding and climate here is hot or rainy (barring winter season). If they don’t find the hall easily, it’s a real irritation for your guests. Many times it may even happen that guests cancel attending the ceremony only because they don’t know how to reach the hall. So, prefer a hall that can be accessed without much trouble by your guests.

Enclose Detailed Instructions with Invitation

If you have found a hall which is just the perfect one, but is not very accessible, attach a card with the invitation with detailed instructions about how to access the hall, so that your guests won’t find problem to attend the wedding. Actually, the card should be necessarily attached even if the hall is accessible, because some of your guests may be new in Mumbai and they may find it problematic to access it. Give information about all the modes of transportation, including vehicular roads, BEST bus numbers and stops, taxis and trains.

Book the Hall only for Reception

For the actual wedding, what is important is the Muhurta (the auspicious time of wedding). If there is no hall available for this particular time, there is another idea and it is to conduct wedding in a basic place like a temple or even home (if it is big enough) and book the hall only for reception on some other date. This way you will save a lot of money too, because booking a hall for the whole day is much pricier than booking only for evening reception.

Check Beforehand

Don’t go only with the information given on the website of the hall or in the information booklet. Visit the venue and check if all the amenities are properly working. Most important is checking if the AC is working, because in the hot climate of Mumbai and with the crowd in the hall, the atmosphere can get terribly hot and troublesome if there is no aircon. Also check other amenities like rooms for both the wedding parties if they are equipped with all necessities like clean toilets, big mirror for getting ready, properly working and lockable closet to keep valuables like jewelry or gadgets, etc. If your wedding is on an upper floor of a skyscraper, check if the elevators are working properly.

Check Vendors

Many banquet halls in Mumbai have their own caterers and other vendors affiliated to them. Check if they are good and ensure that they will offer services just as you want. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and ensure that everything will take place as per your liking.

If you take all these due precautions before booking a wedding banquet hall in Mumbai, you can get the desired peace of mind and can conduct a wedding just of your dreams!

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