Brides’ Moms – Achieve a Perfect Balance between Too Old and Too Young

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mother of brideGetting perfectly dressed up on your child’s wedding can be a hard and often daunting task for you, just like most other moms of the brides. Your attire, your hair style, your makeup – all are of great concern. Your major objective is to achieve a balance between looking too old and too young, while choosing from a plethora of outfits for the mother of the bride. Here are some tips.

Two Types of Mistakes

Usually bride’s mothers make one of two types of mistakes – either they dress too dull or they dress up too sexy, even to the extent of competing with their daughters. You should achieve a balance between the two, as said earlier. You should look modern but you should also look like you know what your age is.

Suits are Out

The stuffy suits for MOBs are out, even though they have got sequins or rhinestones. Instead you can choose a dress, like a sheath having a long coat. Mid-calf dresses appear old and make your calves attract too much attention. Knee-length dresses are perfect to achieve a balance.

suits are out

Get Custom Dress or Use Personal Shopper

If you can afford it, there is no better dress than a custom one. But if you cannot get it, make use of a personal shopper to assist you in finding a perfect dress. Just call the department of personal shopping at one of the specialty stores or department store in your area and tell them your needs. The personal shopper will do all the hard job of finding the perfect dress for your proportions by running around the store and taking up your stress.

Differ with Bridesmaids

Never wear the same style, color or dress as that of the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids’ styles are meant for females in their 20s. Adopt your own style. Wear a same color but keep the fabric different. For example, if they are going for glossy satin, you get a fabric suitable to your figure.

bridesmaids and bride's mother

Wear Hair Down

If updos are tight and formal, they can look indeed old. If you want to wear an updo, wear it casual and loose. If you wear long hair, get it blow-dried and keep it loose or wear it half up-half down. You may think that updo is something special, but actually hair is youthful and sensual; so if you have long hair, let it loose.

Wear Short but Make it Look Elegant

These days wearing a short dress is nothing extraordinary; so you can do that. But keep in mind that you cannot wear a micro-mini, as those days have gone! Two inches above knee are alright.

knee-length dress

Pantyhose – No-no

Days of nude pantyhose have gone. Instead keeping legs bare is much better. Consider a self-tanner about a week before the event so that you are not streaky. Actually this can be a wonderful treat that the MOB can give to the bridal party – take everyone to the local spa, enjoy a girl’s day and treat everybody to tan!

Get a Stylish Cover

If you want to wear sleeveless, but have a flab over your arms, cover your arms with a stylish shrug, a fancy cardigan, a shawl or a scarf. Best is to buy a cover-up just when you shop for your dress. Several dress designers design a cover-up that can go with the dress.


With these tips you can become an ideal mom of bride, who can attract eyes full of respect and some envy too!