Camo Wedding Rings to Make Your Big Day Extra-special

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pink camo wedding ring

When you start preparing for your big day, your wedding ring is doubtlessly the first and foremost thing you want to pay attention to. After all, you and your spouse are going to wear it on your big day and for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a wedding or engagement ring that is unique and different, you might want to consider camo wedding rings. Gone are the days when engagement and wedding rings came in traditional metals and simple styles. From stylish engravings to alternative metals, today there are hundreds of options to give your own personal touch to your wedding rings. Camo engagement and wedding rings perfectly serve this purpose.

Benefits of Camo Wedding Rings

As said earlier, you’ll be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life and so, you want to look for something comfortable and camo wedding rings are just that! They are comfortable, lightweight, non-conductive, heat resistant and yet, attractive to look at. Being non-conductive and heat-resistant, they offer a level of protection that traditional wedding rings don’t. They are especially the safest option for you if you’re in a position that needs regular healthy hands-on work, such as:

  • Medical staff
  • Cook
  • Mechanic
  • Construction worker
  • Chef
  • Firefighter
  • Police
  • Military personnel
  • Telephone lineman

Camo wedding rings have another great benefit. When you start looking for camo wedding rings, you’re never short of designs. Therefore, you can actually pick a camo engagement or wedding ring that suits the personality of you and your spouse.

Above all, camo wedding rings show your love and commitment to each other.

Thin and Lightweight

Most rings are bulky and painful. However, camo wedding rings are thin and thus, lightweight. You can pick a wedding ring that is so tiny that you can’t even feel it on your fingers. Men’s bands are usually thicker, while female bands are thinner.

Features of Camo Rings

  1. Stainless steel is the most common material used for making camo rings; but other metals like titanium is also used to make them.
  2. Due to this, camo rings are sturdy and resistant to tarnishing which maintains their amazing, streamlined appearance.
  3. Although some feature smooth edges of the metal, others feature sides of tree bark if you want a rougher feel.
  4. Camo rings are also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
  5. Although some camo rings have an unbroken camo inlay length all through the whole circumference, some have a gap to display a gem like cubic zirconia.
  6. Moreover, you also get options like engraving your name, your wedding date or any other text to give a personalized touch to your ring.

Camo Rings Patterns

As said earlier, camo rings come in numerous patterns and designs. Here are some of the most common patterns which you may want to consider.

Pink Camo

A pink camo wedding ring feels particularly feminine but it’s still edgy. From the classic woodland style to 3-D graphic patterns with lifelike vegetation, almost all camo patterns on the market are available in a shade of pink.

pink camo ring

Hunting Camo

If you and your spouse are ardent hunters, you want to choose the hunting camo rings because they help you blend into your surrounding by mimicking the environment. This pattern uses earthy tones as the base color overlaid by images of tree leaves, branches and similar designs. However, you can even choose bright colors like red, orange, purple and pink.

Military Camo

In contrast with the hunting camouflage which contain detailed and complex designs of vegetation, military camouflage contain delicate patterns and color blends to help you become invisible or hard to detect.

Desert Camo

This camo makes use of various shades of tan, black and brown to form something known as a chocolate chip pattern. Bands of tan and brown are overlaid with clusters of white and black spots to simulate rocky, desert-like environments.

Digital Camo

This pattern may seem familiar as it was the signature pattern for the US Armed Forces until 2014. It is computer generated and features a pixelated appearance. It typically comes in shades of gray; but more color options like green and blue are also available.

Tiger Stripe Camo

This camo uses a series of brushstrokes in brown, black and green inspired by tiger stripes particularly to use in dense jungle environments. This pattern was used during the Vietnam War.

Urban Camo

Urban camo contains a disruptive, high-contrast pattern to blend into urban environments. Still, it’s more commonly used in fashion than in the field. The color palette of this pattern is made of various shades of gray.

Snow Camo

As the name suggests, snow camo is designed for using in snowy landscapes. Therefore, it typically contains a white backdrop unlike the standard brown or green and has sparse seasonal vegetation.

Blue Camo

Blue camo rings come in various attractive shades of blue including royal blue, turquoise, snowy blue and more. When it comes to metal, you can choose titanium, serinium or black ceramic. These rings are perfect for outdoor-lovers. Get a delicate design of pine needles, twigs and leaves to have a natural, rustic appeal or a rugged forest oak camo design or an attractive orchid camo design. You can even get stackable rings with blue cubic or heart-shaped zirconia or add a customized engraving on the inside.

These various patterns will definitely help you decide which camo ring will suit your style perfectly and will make your big day extra-special. So, have you started hunting for camo rings?