Decorate Your Wedding With LED Candle Lights

Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in Managing Wedding |

wedding decoration with LED lightsWedding is a day which illuminates the life of a couple and no wonder, it is decorated with lights. Candles are the traditional sources of lights which give that unique aura to the pious occasion. However, in today’s age of pollution-free environment, candles are not always a feasible option to decorate weddings. Plus, they pose the danger of fires and burns. In such a scenario, flameless LED candle lights is the most appropriate choice. LED candles eliminate the fuss of dripping wax, stains and strange odors.

What are LED Candles?

LED candles are battery-operated lamps resembling exactly like real candles to create the desired atmosphere. They come with an adapter and present a good charging output of 10 to 12 hours. They produce light by semiconductors. However unlike the regular incandescent bulbs, they don’t contain a thin filament which burns and breaks after a certain time of usage. Even they don’t get too heated.

Benefits of LED Candles

The biggest benefit of LED candles is they are fully risk-free and eliminate the stress of getting burnt or creating a fire.

Being battery-operated, they don’t have wax and so, they don’t create stains and drippings of wax.  

Their benefit over the traditional candles is you can adjust them as per your needs. You just have to slide the switch and the light will adjust to its environment. Unlike the traditional candles, LED candles are extremely durable and obviously can survive the changes in weather. The candles hold the lights right and stay in shape for long.

Advantage of LED bulbs over the regular incandescent bulbs is they are more energy-efficient. The ordinary bulbs require more amount of electricity to light up the filament. LED lights with their semiconductor technology produce very little heat but give great light using far less energy.

LED Candles with Timer

LED candles are also available with timer, which makes it possible to keep them on for a chosen time. Thus you need not go all the way to switch them off. Just imagine, you want to enjoy the feast with your loved ones, but a constant stressful thought of not forgetting to put the candles off is troubling you. Timer eliminates this stress. Also it presents the convenience of keeping certain lights on at the time when you go to bed, e.g. those in the gallery.

Cost-effectiveness of LED Candles

Apparently LED lamps may seem costlier than the regular incandescent lights. However, when you consider their durability as compared to the later they are actually cost-effective. They are extremely rugged too. Because of the low heat they produce, their plastic bulbs last longer. Typically a LED lamp lasts 10 to 15 times longer than the regular bulb and also doesn’t break when dropped. So, in the long run it proves to be much more cost-effective.

So, for decoration of your special day, prefer LED candles to ordinary incandescent lights and traditional candles. They will offer the same glow to the event with much more efficiency and convenience.