Is A Wedding Planner Necessary?

Posted by on Dec 21, 2013 in Managing Wedding |

is planner necessary1Days are gone when weddings were arranged by the couples and their close relatives and friends, with a humble decoration and food, quick dances and music, and not-so-fantastic presentation. The important thing used to be the wedding vows, exchange of rings and the first kiss. With time, this picture changed to become a huge affair, with a separate person or groups of persons handling various tasks, like decoration, lighting, flower supply, catering, jewelry, dresses, photography and what not! The need of coordination among so many vendors was then inevitable to arise in such a scenario and here appeared the faculty called the wedding planner.

Many couples think it is unnecessary to hire a wedding planner. The reasons are many:

  • They cannot afford a wedding planner.
  • They think that the job can be done by their dear aunt or some such relative.
  • Some relative promises them to do the job.
  • They think that the venue will do the job for them.
  • They think that it is plainly unnecessary.

If you are one of such couples and are about to exchange vows soon, keep well in mind that a wedding planner is as necessary for your wedding as a caterer, a florist or a photographer.  

What does a wedding planner do for you?

  • A wedding planner can customize packages to fulfill the requirements of your wedding. They know how to present your wedding in a stunning way, while still maintaining your budget.
  • You, your mom, your aunt or your friend can’t do the job of contacting the vendors, making them work properly, seeing to it that they come on time, checking their work, deciding the decoration, flower arrangement and lighting, and all those essentials all alone, can you? Let’s face it, it’s not easy! When you have a wedding planner, you can stay calm, take a sigh of relief and still are in control of your wedding.
  • A professional planner takes decisions impartially and on time. At some stages of the event, you are in a tricky situation with your relatives; your wedding planner acts as an excellent mediator between you and your relatives.
  • A wedding planner can find you the best vendors than you can. S/He being in the business for years, know good vendors and has contacts with them. And also s/he can work with them on good terms and make them work more easily and nicely.
  • If you think that your venue will manage your wedding, you should keep in mind that the venues usually are partial towards their preferred vendors who may not be good. Your planner on the other hand can make the best vendors work for you.
  • A wedding planner is the other name of problem-solver. In emergencies, when you can be under stress, a wedding planner is there to assure you that everything is going to be alright.

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