Online Wedding Gift Wish Lists – Advantages

Posted by on Sep 8, 2012 in Managing Wedding |

A wedding registry is a service that is usually offered by department store to couples who are just about to get married. This bridal registry concept is almost one century old and it’s primary idea was to help a newlywed couple to choose their silver, china and crystal. Nowadays, there are many online wishlist websites and they are spread all around the globe and almost every couple includes this type of service when planning and organizing their big day. Cheeky Wishlist is an interesting and unique Facebook app especially created for the UK users to help them make their wish list with they would like to receive from their family members and friends. Check it out on and

Wedding wish lists are very convenient for both the couple and their guests. If you think about online wish list, all you have to keep in mind is your guests’ general income level. So, you have to choose the gifts you would like to get, but also to think about whether those items are affordable for your friends and loved ones. Old-school in-store gift registry is a nice way to choose the best items for your new home. However, is you choose an online wish list registry, you don’t even have to go to department stores in your neighborhood, and more important, you do not have to choose the gifts from only one store, but from as many as you like. In addition, if your guests do not live nearby your house and certain department store, they do not have to take a trip to the store. So, online version of this service is a blessing both for a couple and for wedding invitees. Guests will choose the gifts that fit their budget, make the online payment, with just few clicks, the rest will be done by the online wedding gift registry service.