Planning to Hire a Wedding Photo Booth? Get a Different One!

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10314_color_strip_yellowThe idea of having a photo booth in a wedding has become quite popular by now. Reasons are many – photo booths provide a fun environment for your guests wherein they can have freedom to give whatever fun pose, they can share their photos at once on their social media profiles, the fun props, backdrops and many others! But if you are planning to have a photo booth on your big day, do you want the best photo booth, or just a photo booth? Didn’t you get what am I talking about? Let me explain.

A Unique Photo Booth

By and large, all photo booths have similar features, and instead of the regular wedding photographer, a photo booth in a wedding can offer much more fun to the wedding couple as well as for the guests. But recently I came across a photo booth hire company which offers still more features than the regular ones. It is


How is FastBooth Different from Others?

  • Fastest Delivery of Photos: Aptly named, FastBooth offers fastest delivery of photos, i.e. in 10/7 seconds! So, imagine how happy your guests will be as they don’t have to wait in line for the entire night!
  • It offers Flash Drive for all your photos
  • You get a customized Welcome Screen
  • In your photo strips, you can get customized designs and a wide choice of black-n-white, color and sepia
  • You also get custom colors for curtain
  • They use true Dye-Sub Ink
  • With FastBook an online gallery is offered to you forever for your photos
  • You also get full size Memory Book
  • I don’t know whether this is a uniqueness or not from your point of view, but from mine, it is! The photo booth of FastBooth is always attended. This is because I have missed the photo booth fun at some events just because there was nobody to explain me the things!
  • You again have a choice of Arcade Booth or Open Air booth
  • 2 strips print


Other Prominent Features

  • FastBooth offers open air as well as enclosed booths; so, you have a choice. Some of your guests may like the enclosed booth to have more freedom of poses which won’t make them feel awkward before other guests, while others may prefer open air to get a nice company of a Nature’s element like a water body, beach, etc. Even you may think differently about your wedding photos and choose accordingly.
  • FastBooth provides two strips print out, both beautiful, thick feeling and vibrant. These strips come out cut, so that you or your guests don’t have to keep separating the photos with scissors.
  • You get your photos in two forms – once on a flash drive and the other in an online gallery
  • You are provided a scrapbook upon which your guests can place their photos while leaving the booth
  • Very reasonable price, because installation, removal and attendant on site are all included in the same price of photo booth, plus you get all the above features, props, backdrops, etc too for the same price.
  • FastBooth offers personalization of your big day with customized artwork, where you just have to think and they create it for you. You can select colors and graphics and they match them and create your own very personal design. Some such designs and their other photos have been given here and you will get a lot to see on their website.


So, if you want a really special and unique photo booth for your big day, don’t forget to try FastBooth.