‘Pop-up’ Studios at Asian Weddings – Great Entertainment for Guests

Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Managing Wedding |

popup studio at asian weddingsAsian weddings are highly colorful, with a lot of rituals to perform, brightly-colored dresses of the couple, wedding party and the guests, pious music being played to create an atmosphere and to denote that wedding is a sacred occasion, aroma of a variety of culinary preparations filled in the air, and what not! But when it comes to photographing an Asian wedding, all of them are more or less the same. The photographer usually focuses on the couple, the rituals they perform (as they are too many), and parents, siblings and close friends of the couple. Other guests get a chance to come before the camera only while gifting the couple, or only if the photographer is a little more imaginative to take some of their group shots while they spend time in the wedding hall.

But now times are changing. The trend of ‘pop-up’ studio is emerging in Asian weddings which ensures that guests at a wedding get enough camera attention and snapshots of their choice. So, it will make your guests excited and interested to attend your wedding, if you will be celebrating your Asian big day, with a pop-up studio.


As said earlier, in a typical Asian wedding photography, guests hardly get their favorite snapshots. When you hire a pop-up studio, your every guest can get her or his photos in their desired ways, more importantly portrait photos. They can have single photos or family photos and also photos of large groups.

Not only guests can take their shots, but they are sure to get their prints immediately to take with them as a souvenir of your big day. This is because a pop-up studio facilitates instant reviewing, editing and printing of the images. This means that the printers can produce state of the art, lab quality prints which your guest will be pleasantly surprised to get and will remember your wedding and how they enjoyed it tremendously forever.

A wireless transfer of the photo to a viewing station allows your guests to have fun looking at a variety of photos immediately. And then they can purchase the images they like, in whichever size they want. This can be done even after the event, by viewing the images online whenever they want and purchase images which they like. And some providers even provide them the images through USB drive, which are high resolution digital images.

Another benefit is free upload of the images to Facebook so that you and your guests can share the photos immediately with friends.

Thus in addition to your traditional style photos, you can add a fun touch to your wedding photos with a pop-up studio. And you can ensure that your guests are happy that they are photographed to their heart’s content and take the memento home.

So, if your Asian wedding is around the corner, book a pop-up studio immediately and have fun photos!

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