Prepare Your Hair for Your Big Day

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Juliet Kakish Wedding is indeed a won beauty contest for the bride! She looks the most fabulous on her big day, she wears the best hairstyle, best makeup, best dress and accessories and everything best of all the ladies gathered in the hall and every eye is upon her (not really, some are on the groom too 😉 )! So, if your big day is around the corner, you too are longing for your best looks, right? And amongst your looks, your makeup and hairstyle play a major role. But it is not a last minute job; you have to prepare your hair long before your actual wedding day. Here are the preparations you have to do for your best big day hairstyle.

Hair Color Correction

You didn’t know that you would be caught in a love trap and will be getting engaged soon. And so, you colored your hair which went wrong! You wanted it to be blonde, and it turned to be orange! How to get rid of it now? Don’t worry; you can visit a hair color correction expert like Juliet Kakish and get the color corrected.

Brazilian Blowout

A Brazilian blowout is a fantastic way to make your hair look naturally straight and shiny if it is too wavy. It minimizes the frizz and enhances the appearance. It is great for straight hair too to remove any frizz and promote a radiant glow.

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Ombre is a French word meaning “shaded”. Ombre color thus gives shades to your hair, i.e. usually darker at the roots and gradually getting lighter towards tips. It needs low maintenance and is achieved through a balavage technique.

Keratin Repair Treatment

If you are a beauty enthusiast, you might know that your hair is made of a protein called keratin. If keratin is damaged, your hair looks frizzy and damaged. With keratin repair treatment, your hair can not only be made beautiful, but healthy too. Each strand of your hair is evenly smoothened and so, hair strands don’t tangle with each other, thus giving a smooth, shiny and healthy look.

Shine Treatment (Gloss Treatment)

Shine treatment or gloss treatment is perhaps the most necessary treatment you should get for your hair if you are preparing for your big day. Your hair is damaged by a number of factors like the sun, chlorinated water, hair color, and so on. Shine treatment gives the lost shine back to your hair and makes the hair strands smooth and shiny.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Another very necessary treatment your hair deserves is deep conditioning. It returns the lost moisture to the hair. The moisture is lost due to our daily activities and also due to some styling products. In winter, it also happens due to scarves or hats, and in summer, the sun and wind do the job of removing moisture from hair. Deep conditioning treatment once a week is fantastic to return the lost moisture back to hair.

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Juliet Kakish Salon in Pasadena, CA, offers all these and many more treatments and is famous for offering a very professional and personalized service. The owner, Juliet Kakish, being seen in the images working on clients’ hair, strives to deliver the best products and services in Pasadena. The salon has many extremely talented and expert stylists like Arelene, Brooke, Esther and Jeff.