Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Caterer & DIY Catering

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DIY Vs professional wedding catererAre you among the many couples who are considering DIY catering instead of hiring a professional caterer to cut the cost? If yes, wait before you step ahead and think whether if it is really feasible for you. A wedding is a big affair and obviously it is a lifetime moment for you. Even your guests too expect a dazzling and organized event. If you are not a professional caterer, are you going to afford to manage preparing and serving food for a number of people? If you have that competence, you can definitely do it. But remember that then it should be done perfectly, just like a professional would do! Take a look at a catering in Pasadena or Tucson, and understand how they work professionally. To make it more clear, let’s see what are the pros and cons of hiring a professional catering and a DIY catering.

Do-It-Yourself Catering


  • It saves money
  • Food cooked is of your choice
  • You have a full control on portions
  • It has a more personal touch
  • Your guests are more involved in such a food service because you are managing it
  • It keeps track with your budget


  • It takes a lot of time, which is a big disadvantage, because there are lots of other chores already waiting for you
  • It is stressful too, as you are worried about whether it will be successful
  • As you have not done it professionally before this, your skills are limited
  • Space and cooking preparation is limited because of lack of professionalism
  • Supply may be more or less than required; in both cases it is stressful

Now let us see the pros and cons of hiring a professional caterer.

Professional Caterer


  • Experienced cooks and managers for handling food-making for large groups
  • Offers you freedom of enjoying your big day
  • Professional caterers have skills of developing menus which can satisfy wide range of taste buds and budgets
  • They are well-equipped with tools to ensure that everything is running smoothly
  • They receive a dedicated training for health and hygiene
  • You get a one-stop shop at them


  • They are expensive
  • You may not get all the foods of your choice

Looking at the pros and cons of DIY and professional caterer it is anytime feasible to hire a professional. However, if you have a passion and confidence that you can make arrangements of food for a big group of guests on your big day and do it successfully, you can try that too. However, you will have to do it very carefully and with a lot of planning. Who knows, you can become a professional caterer in future after making your wedding a great success!