Reasons To Use A Travel Agent For Your Destination Wedding

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travel agent for destination weddingIf you have planned for a destination wedding, there are reasons why you should hire a travel agent. A travel agent can settle a group hotel rate as your wedding day gets closer. When you reserve a block of hotel rooms  directly through an online website, you have to pay the entire amount upfront, whereas in case of an agent, the final payment isn’t due sometimes even until a month before, so that you get the precious extra time to manage your guest list.

Freedom from Stress

When you book a travel agent for your destination wedding and honeymoon, you get freedom from stress of bookings, reservations, planning of itinerary, and so on. Your much precious time is saved which you can utilize for other important aspects of your big day, like invitations, wedding dresses, etc.

Benefit of Experience and Qualification

Travel agents being in the business for many years have a good experience about booking flights, hotels, sightseeing tours, guides and the discounts offered at various levels. They can get you some of the best deals offered by various dealers in the industry.

Moreover, some travel agents are qualified and certified as destination experts. They have the designation of Certified Travel Counselors meaning that they are in the business for more than five years and have completed an eighteen-month course. The course of DS (Destination Specialists) reveals the knowledge a travel agent has about certain destinations.

Package of Wedding and Honeymoon

When a travel agent is hired for wedding, you get a variety of packages which combine your wedding and honeymoon, which you can choose as per your choice. This saves a lot of money to you and you get a diverse choice too.

Staying Within Budget

A travel agent will help you stay within budget. They have a lot of packages to choose from and they can give the most correct advice about choosing a package while staying within your budget. Most of the agents have customizable packages too. So, if a certain package is not suitable to your budget, you can tell him/her so and s/he can change it as per your financial needs.

Convenient Dates

It is difficult for you if you are trying to book a hotel late. But for a travel agent it is mere a child’s play. S/He being in the industry for years has contacts with the hotel owners which s/he can use on such times and you can get bookings on your desired dates.

Hiring a travel agent for your destination wedding or honeymoon is thus beneficial in many ways. So, instead of taking the stress yourself, why don’t you look for a good travel agent? Journeys By Jeni, for example, is a real good source for this, and through them you can enjoy a heavenly destination wedding and honeymoon.