Secondhand Engagement Ring – More Covetable than a New Ring

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You wish to buy the best things for your would-be partner. Of course, when it comes to an engagement ring, there is no exception. But if we suggest you to consider a secondhand ring, you may frown on the idea. However, if you give a deeper thought to it, you’ll find that the benefits outshine the mere word ‘secondhand’. Let’s look at a few.

Consider the Myriads of Benefits

When you consider a secondhand ring, you’ve to remove the assumption from your mind that secondhand is always old and cheap. You might have also thought that it’s bad-omened. These wrong thoughts might forbid you from buying a used ring and thus prevent you from enjoying its number of benefits.

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First of all, a secondhand ring is much more sustainable and eco-friendlier than a new ring. As you may know that mining of precious gemstones and metals leave a huge negative impact on the environment, not to mention the violation of human rights it causes. Secondhand ring have much less detrimental impact and thus saves you from the guilt of being cruel to nature and mankind.


Pre-owned rings offer you better choice of styles (and prices) as secondhand collections are usually full of antique, rare, vintage and alternative rings; so, you get something which is a lot more distinct than brand new rings.

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What Precautions to Take

Make Sure You Buy from Reputable and Certified Jeweler

It’s almost a no-brainer and simple step to take before buying a used ring and it’s to check the reputation and credentials of the jeweler in question. Make sure you buy from certified jewelers who are qualified to value your ring. If the jeweler has their in-house team of gemologists who hold official qualifications, you have higher chance to rest assured that their secondhand rings have been checked for authenticity and quality by experts.

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Stamps and Hallmarks

Another thing with which you can rest assured about ring is the evidence of stamps or hallmarks that will help you identify the quality and carat of the ring. For example, if you’re interested in yellow or white gold engagement rings, make sure you look out for a stamp that mentions the carat and gold purity, such as 22ct (916), 9ct (375) and so on.

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How to Choose

Now with all those thoughts, you may wonder how actually to choose your secondhand ring; so, here are a few tips on how to get your hands on the perfect ring for your special someone to make her say “Yes”!


When you consider a secondhand ring you can start with a pear cut which is a classic example of a vintage design that is set to become one of the most popular trends among engagement rings. With a lot of celebrities proudly flaunting their pear-cut, the demand for this unique style is expected to skyrocket. Having the assets like beautiful shape and sophisticated lines, a pear-cut engagement ring looks elegant on the finger and offers just the right balance between diamond and metal. You are likely to see a range of pear-cut engagement rings at jewelers.

Diamond Cluster

Cluster rings are getting popularity again over the last some years, thanks to high-profile celebrities supporting tis lovely style on their fingers. Diamond cluster rings are so sparkly thanks to their design and thus they are sure to turn heads. This style includes an astounding diamond in the center of the ring surrounded by many smaller gems that create a stunning halo and dazzling look. With such an elegant piece, it’s hard for you to go wrong. Whether your sweetheart loves rose gold, white gold or platinum, you’re sure to make her eyes sparkle with a diamond cluster ring.

Then there are also princess cut and round brilliant-cut that you can choose from. All in all, you get a vast choice when you set out to buy a pre-owned engagement ring. So, are you ready? Happy shopping!