Wedding Lighting – Various Options to Choose from

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wedding-lights-milwaukeeThe right kind of light is utmost necessary for creating the right mood for your wedding reception. If it goes wrong, it can be a complete mess. Wrong lights can turn the big day of the most beautiful bride into a bad day! Therefore wedding lighting should be chosen carefully. Here are different types of lights with which you can bring tremendous difference to your big day.


Uplighting is the latest technique wherein the lights are arranged on the ground so as to project light at a specific object or person, or off the walls. This is perfect for illuminating the elements you want to highlight and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the entire room. E.g. focused light beams can be spotted on speakers or as accent lights in particular corners of the wedding venue. It can be even used to form a wash of color.


Specialty of this lighting is you can use colored lighting which you can coordinate with the color theme of your wedding. Changing the color scheme all through the evening can instantly change the atmosphere and turn a simple venue to the most colorful one. You can even set different moods with different types of lights, e.g. soft lights for a romantic atmosphere, bright lights for dance floor, and so on.

Gobo Lighting

Gobo or Goes Before Optics lighting has now become extremely popular in weddings and other events. This is a stencil which glides over a light source and projects an image on a surface. This way dates, monograms, and other wedding themed patterns and designs can be created in a fun way to offer a personal touch. You can create the initials of the bride’s and groom’s names and you can even create a starry night sky!

gobo lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor receptions are perfect in warm summer days. And they are also great for deviating from the standard types of wedding lighting methods.

A popular way of outdoor lighting is paper lanterns which add a dreamy touch to the evening. By creating a rustic atmosphere, they create a romantic ambience perfect for your special day.

paper lanterns

Another outdoor lighting source is string lights wherein many strands are used to form a fantastic setting. You can use more number of strands to add a canopy effect over various sections of the venue. Or a few strands too can be used to keep it simple for just spreading a romantic glow all through the place.

Candles are another fantastic way of creating a perfect ambience in a wedding. They can be used on each of the table or for illuminating pathways. They come in various types and so, are extremely versatile.

So, you can create just your desired mood on your special day with the perfect type of lighting and you have got such a wide choice. Wedding lighting in Milwaukee offers just the perfect lighting for your big day to set the mood, enhance your photos and videos and make the space look wonderful. They can light any size of wedding venues and offer all services including delivery, installation and return, allowing you to enjoy your special day to the fullest.