Wedding Manager Job

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Managing Wedding |

wedding & event managementWeddings are memorable, romantic, exciting and so emotional. But, daunting and exhausting, as well. The couple needs help to make everything working perfectly. Wedding & event management job is hard one, but the best for people who love organizing things, meeting new people and spending their day in lovely atmosphere. If you consider becoming a wedding manager, here is the basic info and job description. 

A wedding planner is a person with multi-tasking abilities and excellent organization skills. A wedding planner has to be able to deal with expected and unexpected circumstances and to be good in solving problems. How do people become professional wedding planners? Is there any school for that? No, there is no formal education for a wedding manager. Usually, people get the idea of organizing weddings after doing it for themselves, after managing their own event. Background in event organizing, catering and hospitality is more than welcome, as well as project management, public relations and marketing.

What does wedding managing job include? These are tasks a wedding manager has to do:

  • meet the couple, discussing their budget and requirement
  • come up with creative wedding ideas, themes, tips and suggestions
  • recommend wedding etiquette according to the couple’s preferences
  • agree on costs with vendors, such as venue managers, florists, caterers, photographers, musicians…
  • book and confirm suppliers, making sure the costs stay within the budget and the vendors are paid right on time
  • research new suppliers, services and products
  • keep lists of contacts and suppliers
  • deal with phone calls, letters, emails and paperwork
  • spending a wedding day at the venue in order to be sure everything goes as planned.