Which Wedding Planner Will You Choose?

Posted by on Sep 14, 2013 in Managing Wedding |

morocco wedding planningAs a bride, you want to celebrate your big day in such a way that every guest should remember it for years to come. Wedding planner is a fantastic service provider to make your wedding flawless, because s/he can handle things professionally using their years of experience and expertise. But do you know that there are different types of wedding planners? Whether you are in search of a wedding planner in Morocco or US or China, if you have an idea about their different types, it will help you choose amongst them more wisely.

Hourly Wedding Planner

If you are a bride who dream of planning her own wedding and come to a halt at a point at which you don’t know what to do, an hourly wedding planner is the best for you. You are not a professional wedding planner and so can get many troubles while planning your own wedding. But you also have a passion for making all the arrangements by yourself. In such a case an hourly wedding planner can fix the issues which you cannot handle, e.g. a wedding DJ or wedding flowers. Fees of an hourly wedding planner are about $50 to $200 per hour and you can hire him/her for minimum 2 to 3 hours. You can hire such a planner for any issues which are troubling you, like deciding the wedding budget, finding wedding venue or caterer or retailer or rental of wedding gown, and so on. Hiring such a planner gives you the satisfaction of planning maximum part of your wedding on your own.

Full Service Wedding Planner

A full service planner is excellent for a busy bride who has to spend time with friends and family or to finish office chores. Fees of full service planner may be around $3,000 or more. Some planners charge a fixed rate and some others charge a percentage of the total wedding budget. A full service wedding planner does everything for you and you don’t have to worry about whether the expenditure will exceed the budget, where will be venue, are all the vendors reliable and cost-effective, what will be the entertainment at the wedding and so on. You can go on just partying with friends to enjoy those last happy days of no-responsibility or can complete those urgent jobs related to your work before you go on a wedding and honeymoon holiday. Of course, you should sit with your full service planner and make him/her know exactly what you want and also should take a daily report regarding which jobs are done and which are still pending and whether the jobs are being done as per your expectations and budget.

Day-of Wedding Planner

A day-of wedding planner is right for you if you can supervise details yourself but want someone around on your big day to ensure that things are running smoothly. Fees for such a planning service are around $900 for the wedding day and if you handle them some additional chores, you have to pay extra. You can hire a day-of planner before one month of your wedding day and his/her job is to see that the jobs you have done, e.g. hiring vendors, will be done perfectly. A day-of wedding planner sees to it that all the involved professionals and wedding party are in the correct place at correct time. Thus, though you hire the day-of planner just for one day, s/he works for you for 30-50 hours before the actual wedding day. You should meet the planner to clear all the doubts and keeping coordination with him/her.

Referrals-only Wedding Planner

Referrals-only wedding planner is best for you if you want someone to suggest you only vendors or venue. This service is offered free of cost to the bride, as the planner gets commission from the referred vendors.

Depending upon your dream for your wedding, your budget, time in hand and your capability of handling things, you can choose one of these types of wedding planners to make your special day a success and joy!