Choose from a wide variety of live wedding music styles and bands

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Live MusicEverybody wants their big wedding day to be an auspicious and memorable one, and many people put a lot of effort into making sure that everything is just right. There are so many things to consider when it comes to planning the big event, such as the gifts and decorations, hiring the venue and catering, and the entertainment. Music, whether in the form of a DJ, live bands or other options, is one of those important elements that really sets the mood and theme of a wedding. Probably the most exciting of these is the live wedding band. When present, the atmosphere of the wedding seems to really come to life. We can all agree that wedding bands perform a vital role in ensuring a most successful and unforgettable wedding. There are many different wedding bands available that will suit your wedding theme and style.

All round wedding party covers bands are ideal for most wedding music needs. These bands can include all your favorite popular songs for reception music entertainment to create a truly unique and personalized wedding.

For a more specialized experience, there are wedding bands that cater to specific traditional or cultural tastes. Wedding ceilidh bands can cater to a Scottish wedding with style, whether it is a small wedding held at a function suite, or a bigger wedding in a large hall with a stage. Ceilidh bands are happy to take special requests, which may include something for the first dance, the last waltz, or certainly for any dance on the night, to create a truly personal and stimulating event.

One of the most popular choices for wedding music is without a doubt jazz, blues and soul. Jazz wedding bands create the perfect event for a great wedding day, whether you want music for the ceremony, the wedding reception, or both, including some nice background music during the dinner to provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Solo, duo and trio bands are ideal for most wedding music requirements. Solo wedding singers can be hired for great vocal performances, or perhaps you would like to utilize instrumental musicians and groups, such as solo wedding guitarists and acoustic performers, solo wedding pianists or violinists. For something slightly bigger, you can also hire duo or trio wedding bands. Whatever your choice, there’s sure to be many types of live wedding musicians available for hire in your local area.

Try a 70s or funk wedding for a retro themed wedding day. This is an exciting alternative to common wedding themes that will get your guests grooving on the dance floor. 70s wedding bands are a fun option will prove to be a real crowd pleaser.

Classical weddings can include a selection of classical singers, guitarists, flautists and pianists, as well as opera singers and choir singers, and instrumental musicians including harpists, violinists, wind bands and string quartets. If a classical style for your wedding is what you’re after, then you can choose from a wide variety of classical performers.

Specialized classical guitarists are also available for weddings. Spanish, Latin and Flamenco are the perfect choice for a Spanish themed wedding. They can provide the music for all wedding services, including the reception and background music for the luncheon and dinner.

Wedding pipers are a great choice, particularly for a Scottish or Bavarian themed wedding. A piper can play for both the church ceremony, and later for the reception. In fact, it is a sign of luck to have a piper play while the couple walks down the aisle.

Wedding pianists and piano singers cover a wide range of music for your wedding, from the more traditional and classical pieces, to pop, jazz and folk. They are most versatile and can be used for receptions and dinners, as well as to create a lively party atmosphere, or more subtle background accompaniment.

As you can see, there are indeed many different types and styles of wedding bands and performers to choose from. While the ideal music provider for your wedding can easily be found locally or through a reputable booking agency, there are many more available for hire via the internet. So hire a live wedding band today and have yourself a groovy wedding.