Choose the Right Bridal Hairstyle for the Neckline of Your Wedding Dress

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"hairstyle"A wedding dress will be better showcased when the bride chooses a hairstyle that complements the dress perfectly. To choose the right bridal hairstyle, she must take into consideration the neckline of the dress.

After spending months looking for the perfect wedding dress, you have finally found it. Now that you have the dress, you ought to complement it with the right bridal hairstyle. Choosing the right hairstyle for the dress means considering the dress’s neckline. Read on to know which bridal hairstyle would be a perfect match for your dress’s neckline


If you are one of the many brides-to-be who opted for a strapless wedding dress, feel free to have your hair down on your special day. Because the strapless neckline already exposes much skin, it would not be a good idea to put your hair up. By having your hair down, you can limit skin exposure without actually covering up. For a romantic look, channel Veronica Lake (with the help of your hairstylist, of course) by wearing beautiful wavy hair.

Bateau/Boat Neck/ Sabrina

If your wedding dress has a conservative neckline such as the bateau, boat neck or Sabrina, an updo is the ideal choice as your hairstyle. A bateau or boat neck is a horizontal neckline that runs from one shoulder point to another, and usually falls above or at the collarbone. As for the Sabrina, it is also horizontal but it drops lower than the bateau or boat neck. It curves about one or two inches below the
collarbone. Why should you choose an updo for the aforementioned necklines? Such sophisticated necklines work best with equally sophisticated hairstyles. An updo such as the reverse French twist is most recommended.

High Neck

Just like the aforementioned neckline, a high neck is formal and conservative. If your wedding dress has a high neck, know that you should not have your hair down for the ceremony. This is because wearing your hair down would obscure the details of the neckline. If there are interesting and intricate
detailing in the neckline, it would be a shame to not have them on display. Hence, you are going to have to choose a updo, one that looks most appropriate for the style of gown you are wearing.


An illusion neckline gives you the opportunity to have a conservative look and still show some skin. As the name suggests, the neckline gives the illusion of a higher neckline with the help of a sheer fabric. Underneath the sheer fabric is a sweetheart or strapless neckline. The bridal hairstyle you should choose would depend on the sheer fabric. If it is plain, you can wear a half updo. However, if the illusion part of the dress is embroidered or beaded, you would need to wear an updo to showcase the details.

One Shoulder/Asymmetrical

If the wedding dress you have chosen has a one shoulder or asymmetrical neckline, you would have to choose a bridal hairstyle that keeps your look balanced. Just like the neckline, you have to pick a hairstyle that is off to one side—but not the side of the strap. You can decide on a low chignon, a side braid or another similar hairstyle.

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