Custom Engagement Rings – Things to Know

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

engagement rings vancouverYou know that she is the one, still you are completely turned off by cookie cutter engagement rings. Relax, it’s not only about you, many people feel the same. Everybody knows that those glass display case rings you can find in almost every jewelry store are machine-made and mass-marketed products. It wasn’t the same back in the past. If a man wanted to buy an engagement ring to his beloved girl, he would have to visit a jewelry retailer offering handcrafted artisan engagement rings. Nowadays we see renewed demand for unique, distinctive and irreproducible jewelry pieces, so it seems that more and more couples are in fact seeking personalized engagement and wedding rings to stand out of the crowd. 

Is it a daunting task to order a custom made engagement ring? Luckily, it’s not. The process is easier and more convenient that you imagine. Reputable chain stores, creative manufacturers and online retailers are willing to take custom orders. Some of them even use computerized applications that allow you to design the engagement ring of your dreams, choose stone cut, metal, finger size, setting etc. Before you place an order, you can visualize every single aspect of the ring. Jewelers are experts that will do their best to help you turn a general idea into the real object. It’s important to hire the jeweler who will be able to meet the degree of customization you are looking for. Usually, the person you will discuss the design is the sales consultant if you come to the chain stores. In case you would like to have close and direct collaboration, perhaps it is better solution to try an independent merchant, even though they are somewhat more expensive and harder to locate.

*Simon is a creative jeweler handcrafting custom wedding and engagement rings in Vancouver, BC.