Fall in Love with Your Best Friend and You will Live Together Happily Ever After

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BF quoteWhat is your motivation for falling in love? Is it just an infatuation that you want a girl friend or boy friend, because all your friends have one? Or have you actually fallen in love with “love” and not a person? Are you dreaming of marrying your sweetheart and living together happily ever after? If yes, think a little more maturely. I don’t want to discourage you, but have you ever thought that the momentary attraction which you feel towards your darling when you are not always with each other can diminish after wedding when you will have to see each other’s faces daily? Check the basis of your relationship – is it just a bodily attraction or you are in love because of your partner’s educational, financial, professional or any such high status? Or you are in love because your partner is your best friend? If latter is the case, your marriage is going to last forever! That’s what these time-tested falling in love with your best friend quotes say!

Your love needs to have a strong basis of friendship. In other words you should be friends first and love partners later.

Friendship is a Far Greater Emotion than Love!

You might have seen many couples who hate each other for some trifle reasons. A wife hates her husband because he snores, a husband hates his wife because she is not as beautiful as his steno, and so on. And for these stupid reasons they first start fighting with each other, then they stop talking to each other, next they start avoiding being in front of each other and lastly (if they are not treated) they get separated. Imagine, can two best friends part from each other for such reasons? Not only for a trivial reason, but best friends cannot part from each other even for a huge reason. And therefore friendship is a much, much greater emotion than love!

falling in love with your best friend quote

So, if you are looking forward to develop a relationship, think and act carefully. If you feel that you are very clever and are cheating the other person by talking to her/him sweetly, getting intimate with her/him, making false promises, etc, understand that you are not cheating her/him, but you are cheating yourself. Such a relationship is developed only when the other person has some extraordinary quality like riches, property, high educational and professional status or physical beauty, because the cheater in form of a lover wants to take advantage of that quality.

In friendship, friends don’t want to take advantage of each other. So, if your spouse is first your best friend, your relationship will never break even if you lose whatever extraordinary quality you or s/he has. True happiness lies in such a strong relationship and then you can really live together happily ever after!

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