Groom to the Bride – Wedding Gift Ideas

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

wedding gift registry ideasA romantic tradition of exchanging wedding gifts from groom to bride and vice versa is something couples usually look forward to. But, the fact that on a wedding day, couples get many different gifts in honor of their nuptials, what exactly can they give to each other to be sentimental and meaningful? Here are some of the tips to future grooms on what to give to their beloved brides to commemorate the very special day.

Jewellery, especially pearls are the most common wedding gift from groom to bride. Sometimes bride even wears this gift during the wedding. Diamonds are also lovely gift idea, but don’t spend an entire fortune on buying the largest diamond in the world. A pair of diamond earrings that matches the engagement ring is a nice solution.

A love letter. Yes, handwritten letter, card with wedding wishes or (if you are talented) a romantic poem is inexpensive but perhaps the most treasured of all. It will say “I love you and you mean a world to me” more than anything else. If you are not so good in expressing your emotions by words, but talented in arts, why wouldn’t you paint something or make a sculpture? The artwork will express your feelings of love and tenderness, too.

A keepsake box, metal or wooden one, but personalized is a nice wedding gift that groom can buy for his future wife. Keepsake box will hold love notes, small gifts they’ve exchanged over the years, the wedding garter and all the other precious mementos from the loving couple’s relationship.