Illustrative Wedding Photography Style

Posted by on Oct 28, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

David-and-Faye-28As an engaged couple, you’ve certainly realized that planning a wedding is everything but an easy task. Hiring vendors is even more daunting than finding a bridal gown and accessories. Everyday we try to help our readers in managing their dream weddings. Finding a wedding photographer is important for so many times repeated reasons. In this article we will focus on wedding photography styles and we will represent illustrative wedding photography style. After reading the definition, pros and cons, you will be more informed on this issue and better prepared for making your own wedding photography decision. Well, at least we hope it will help you! Illustrative wedding photography style is sort of a hybrid, a well blended photojournalistic and traditional wedding photography. The emphasis is on background, lightning and composition. Very often the style is used for wedding, engagement and elopement photography. The illustrative wedding photographers places their subjects together in some beautiful or unique environment encouraging the couple to be relaxed and to spontaneously interact with surroundings and each other. In other words, illustrative photography keeps technical control of posed photos, while capturing a bit of spontaneity of candid shots. Firstly, the style was used in magazines, newsletters and TV ads to show audience exactly what the ad was about.

In one word, illustrative style is a hybrid. Couple and the guests do not always have to smile, photos might be emotional, dramatic and with artistic and high-fashion elements. You will get the magazine-style images of your wedding. However, more conventional and traditional brides should think twice before choosing this wedding photography style. The reason are funky textures, edgy colors and other “weird” elements you might get in the final shots after retouching. On the other hand, if you are more arty couple, you will probably love the illustrative wedding photo album.

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