Is Wedding Videography Worth it?

Posted by on Jul 27, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

wedding videographyYou want your wedding day to be perfect. You will look your best and be happier than ever and your guests will laugh, cry and be joyful. It’s how almost every couple imagines their big event. However, when it comes to planning and fixing the budget, you realize it’s perhaps the most daunting task you have ever had in your life. Only a few couples can afford to have the dream wedding without cutting the costs, but the majority will understand how it would be walking in your shoes. Wedding photos are certainly “must have”, but what about videography? Is wedding videography worth it?

There are so many “priority” things and spending thousands of dollars on 30 minutes of footage might seem to you as unnecessary. Honestly, it is disputable, but… If you love wedding videos and if you would like to have something “live” to watch in days to come, you should afford wedding videography. If emotions, tears, sound and sights come pouring out when you watch other people’s wedding videos, you should definitely go for yours.

What about the costs? It’s better to hire a company that will do both photography and videography for you.* This is the way to cut some costs, but of course you have to check out their previous works in order to be sure they are doing both things perfectly. This combination is the best since you don’t have to worry they would both catch the same (and some boring) moments, while missing some more important details.

If you still remember those (yikes) cheesy wedding videos with slideshows and horrible music, luckily they seem to be the thing of the past. Those videos were popular couple of years ago, but you should definitely avoid them. Talented artists are doing great stuff nowadays.

*Check out Video Production and SEG Media Group.