Suggestions for Homemade Bridal Shower Invitations

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

Bridal ShowerYou will be able to show to your bridal shower guests how much you care for the bride if you make and send the bridal shower invitations yourself. Your guests will also think that the bridal shower is going to be special as well. Whether it is going to be a formal or informal bridal shower, homemade invitations will show how important to you the bride is.

The first thing that you have to decide on before making the invitations is the theme, level of formality, location, and guest list. Before you make the invitations, you must find envelops for invitations first because it will really disappoint you if you find out that there is no envelop size that suits your invitations.

If you decide to make formal invitations, you should consider using card stock or heavy specialty paper. You can make the wording of the invitation on your computer either by handwriting using calligraphy or printing it from the computer using an elegant font. If you choose to use the computer, you could add an image of the bride or the bride and groom. Put some colored borders using paints, cut papers, or markers, then dust the invitation with small amount of glitters. Fill envelops with few pieces of festive confetti. A bit informal, but still classy, a bridal shower invitation can be created in simple designs using pressed flowers.


You can do more creative things if you decide to make informal invitations, especially if you are having a themed bridal shower. Rather than making an invitation shaped in rectangle, you can cut and make them according to the theme. For instance, if the theme is kitchen, you can cut the invitation into the shape of tea cup, mixing bowl, toaster with bread, measuring cups, and so on and so forth. A lingerie bridal shower invitation may shape like a petticoat, pair of silk stockings, or frilly slip. If you have a venue for the bridal shower, make an invitation that reflects the venue. For example, cut invitations shape like palm trees or beach balls if the shower is going to be at a poolside. Make a glass of martini for a bridal shower at a bar or restaurant.


Do not forget to put the necessary information in the bridal shower invitations such as the bride’s full name, date and time of the shower, location, and RSVP. If it is a surprise bridal shower, include such information in the invitations.