Thank You Gifts for Dads

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

Farther-of-the-groom-watch-personalisedDaddy’s little boy has become a man or dad’s little girl grew up. Whether you are a bride or a groom, you surely want to thank your dad for all of the great lessons he tried to teach you and all his hard work to raise you right. Now, when you’ve finally got to your special day, you realize how important your dad has been all the time. But, how to thank him? Buying gifts for dads is never an easy task, we all know it. 

Personalized gifts. This is always a good solution to a “gift for a dad” problem. Why? Even if you buy something not so practical and useless, your father will be satisfied and touched if it’s customized and personalized. Of course, you should take some time and think about your dad, his preferences and personality. Is he a sports fan? If he plays tennis with his friends, why wouldn’t you buy him a personalized tennis ball? Write something like “Thanks for being the wonderful dad! Mary” or “Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, but your little girl forever! Katy”. You will see him crying, that’s for sure! Wine or whiskey in a bottle or flask, personalized of course, are common gifts for dads. If your dad is a wine lover, surprise him with a nice bottle of wine with his name on it or with a nice “thank you for being the best dad” note. It is tasty and meaningful gift. If, however, your father is an amateur or professional angler, go for something that will suit his favorite outdoor activity. You get the picture! There is no “ideal dad gift”, only ideal gift for your dad. Check out for some wonderful personalized wedding gifts.

What if you want to avoid these “personalized and customized gifts”, because you find them not so creative. You can always make something on your own, draw something etc. Also, what about a relaxing getaway? It’s the way to treat your parents (or your dad and his partner) to a bed-and-breakfast weekend within driving distance of their home. After you special day, your parents might also need to escape and have their own “honey weekend”. If your dad is not a traveling fan, a relaxing spa treatment for couples can be a nice alternative, too.