Wedding Décor that will Decorate Your Home for Years

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Lotus wine glassesWe consider our wedding the most important day in our life and strive to make it as grand as we can. One of the most important components of the wedding is wedding décor. We spend days and months to plan for a fabulous wedding décor. But ironically the décor prepared with such care, attention, dreams and emotions is to be thrown away after the event. What if the newlywed couple can take the decoration with them after the ceremony and can adorn their new home? Emylia Stone by emyliastone on Etsy suggests just that with a superb collection of fabulous decorating items. If you go through these items, you will come to know their splendor which makes you fall in love with them. Here are some of the outstanding items. Take a look and enjoy!

Mercy Cherub – Mercy Cherub is a classic Renaissance style statue of an angel resting on a hand. The innocent face of the angel is simply adorable and the center of the angel’s wings is decorated with cute tiny bouquet. This piece of art can add a delicate charm to your home after adorning your wedding as a centerpiece.

Mercy Cherub

Lotus Wine Glasses – This lovely pair of wine glasses with a graceful long stem and Lotus flower in white, yellow and green will serve as toasting flutes on your big day and decorate your home thereafter. The hand-painted Lotus flowers add classiness and style.

Lotus wine glasses

Deco Floral Terra Cotta Vase – This extremely beautiful terra cotta vase will catch eyes of every guest on your big day because of the pleasant color combination. After your event, it will decorate your living room or foyer or any high-end piece of furniture. You can get it in your choice of size and colors.

deco floral terracota vase

Hedgehog Thumb Plant Waterer – Such a cute face! This thumb plant waterer with an adorable face of a hedgehog is an extremely useful item as well as it will decorate your home or garden adding its unique appeal.

hedgehog waterer

Decorative Wall Planters – These beautiful wall planters will make any room impressive with their glow and brightness. They are lightweight and are extremely stylish with a lovely color combination. They are available in three sizes and shapes which create an eye-catching symmetry.

wall planters

Emylia Stone brings you many such lovely items with soothing colors, unique themes and unmatched classiness. All the items are handmade and carry a tasteful inexpensive accent you desire for your home. You can also contact Emylia Stone to get these items customized.

So, decorate your big day with these wonderful ornamental items and keep them thereafter to beautify your home as well as to remind you of the special day for years.