Why You Should Consider Having a Wedding Website

Posted by on Jul 19, 2013 in Misc Wedding Articles |

wed siteIs having a wedding website (wed site) necessary nowadays? Is it only one of those trends or can it be actually helpful? Here are major reasons why you should consider having a website to follow and present your own big event.

Sharing information with the invitees. A wed site is efficient, convenient, easy and useful way of sharing important information about your wedding with your guests. If you add the relevant details, your website will be the central informational source for your guests where they will be able to find all the important information related to your big day. 

Telling your story. Some guests know both bride and the groom, but there will be those who only know one or the other. Having a wedding website allows the couple to share things about themselves, including their love story, how they met, some details about the courting phase etc. Pics speak thousands of words, so couple can use the power of images to tell their guest true and lovely story of their relationship.

Expressing your uniqueness as a couple. Once your guests see your wed site, they will immediately get a sense of your personalities and you as a couple. This is the way to allow your wedding guests to connect with you as a couple, to understand in which way you are special and unique.

Guests Feedback. Having a wed site allows your guests to share their experience about your wedding, their excitement prior and after the special day. Pay attention to their wishes, messages and feedback, they might motivate you while you are planning and organizing your event, but those lovely words will bring a lot of satisfaction, smiles and tears for years to come.

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