Wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine's day gift - greeting cardWhether you are engaged or just married or married for years, Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of your life with your sweetheart! Gifts have a significant role to play on Valentine’s Day when you can express your true love with them to your Valentine. Camelbackflowershop.com presents minimalist-designed Valentine’s Day gifts in the form of flowers, plants and succulents, greeting cards and gift boxes.


Flowers have been the best choice of lovers to gift to their sweetheart. Their beauty, colors, fragrance and freshness appeals both women and men. According to a study done by Michael Cohen Group, 92% of women recall the time they last received flowers, while 97% of women and men remember when they last gifted flowers.

While choosing flowers for your Valentine choose the colors s/he likes the most. Women love pastel shades like peaches, lavenders and pinks, while men love more vivid tones like purple, red, blue and orange. Also think of which flowers s/he loves the most and also what her/his hobby is. A flower arrangement revolving around your darling’s hobby, sport or favorite pastime will make her/him wonderstruck with your flowery gift.

Camelback Flower Shop has numerous flowers and flower arrangements which you can gift to your Valentine to her/his delight. Look at this fabulous arrangement, for example, created from deep red garden roses, scabiosas, anemones, snap dragons, magnolia leaves and hydrangea!

Valentine's day gift - flowers

Plants and Succulents

Though flowers are ideal as a Valentine’s Day gift, gifting plants is an innovative concept and your darling will be amazed with it. Camelback Flower Shop has brought to you numerous plants and succulents for this Valentine’s Day, and you can pick up one, as they are so wonderful. Look at these cacti and see, if you notice thorns or love! Contained in modern-minimal concrete pot, they are as beautiful as flowers and your Valentine will surely fall for them!

Valentine's day gift - plants

Greeting Cards

There is nothing like a sweet greeting card expressing true love for her/him. A greeting card contains texts, pictures, colors and even fragrance, and so, they are the apt messengers of love. Tell her/him that you are always and forever there for her/him, that you live for her/him, that your heart always beats for her/him, and much more! Look at this Valentine’s Day greeting card with a heart full of love!

Valentine's day gift - greeting card

Gift Box

Gift box is an extremely delightful idea for gifting to your Valentine. You can personalize this gift box and include whatever goodies of yours and your Valentine’s choice to make it more and more romantic! You may include flowers, chocolates and savory foods, beauty and grooming products, candles and more. The gift boxes by Camelback Flower Shop are full of handmade specialties and treats, which will appeal your darling. The gift box in the picture contains various treats and goodies like tea with European tea steeper, essential oil candle, body scrub, artisanal chocolate, salted caramels, and above all, fresh flowers!

Valentine's day gift - gift box

The handcrafted goodies and treats in these gift boxes are results of creativity of people who made them and with whom Camelback Flower Shop has built up relationship.

If you are a passionate lover, looking forward to gifting your Valentine something very special and exclusive, head towards the store of Camelback Flower Shop and you will find a huge line of locally created and well-curated gifts which you can also customize and make them personal.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with such wonderful gifts and strengthen your love bond with your sweetheart.