10 Exquisite and Exclusive Shots of Your Special Day

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mom helping brideWedding photos will be the ones that will never wilt, will carry the sweet memories forever for you, and keep you delighting whenever you see them alone or with family, friends or your sweetheart. Obviously, they should be unique and not the prototype. I like those wedding photos which are taken unobtrusively in which the subjects might even don’t know that they are being photographed. In that context, I would love to show you 10 shots which are so unobtrusive that they give you a feel of being present at the scene. They are so lively! Here they are, enjoy!

1. Bride Not Yet Ready

Trend of “getting ready” photos has been in practice since some years. But nobody catches the photo of the bride, even before that – just on the day of wedding, when she is waiting for the stylists to make her ready.

bride before getting ready

2. Bridesmaids before Getting Ready

Another important element of wedding is bridesmaids! Here is a photo of them waiting to get ready.

bridesmaids before getting ready

3. Dad Getting Ready

Here is a rare shot of dad getting ready!

dad getting ready

4. Mom Getting Ready

Mom’s makeup is no less important! Here it is!

mom's makeup

5. & Now it’s the Groom’s Turn

This is another rare photo of groom before getting ready!

groom before getting ready

6. Loving Mom and Bride

So nice it is to see the mom helping her loving daughter in getting ready!

mom helping bride

7. Bride’s Mom’s Dress Too!

Bride’s dress is always a big attraction to the bride herself and to others too. But her mother’s dress is in no way less important! It should also get its place in the wedding album. Here is a photo of bride’s and bride’s mom’s dresses and shoes placed side by side.

bride's and mom's dress

8. Arrival of Wedding Car

Here the decorated wedding car has arrived, which will take the wedding party to the venue. There are many cars around, still we can identify the wedding car which is moderately decorated but is quite distinguished!

arrival of wedding car

9. Graceful Horse Cart

Car might be the most modern and beautiful means of transport in wedding for taking the wedding party from place A to B quick and comfortably. But the grace of a horse-driven cart is unmatched. So, if one is involved in a wedding, its shot is essential for the wedding album.

horse-driven cart

10. Venue without Wedding Party

The venue of wedding might be beautiful, but its sheer beauty cannot be apparent due to the hustle-bustle of the wedding party. Here’s a beautiful photo of the garden venue with all its beauty in full bloom!

venue without wedding party

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